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    Bird shooting, with camera and gun, target shooting, aviation photography, aviation research, and in the summer riding my Harley Road Glide Ultra

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Retired after 32 years in Army Aviation and a couple of years of commercial exploration flying in the Rockies.  I was in one of the final classes Graduate out of Ft Walters TX.


Over the 32 years of military flying I flew Combat Assault, Crash Rescue, Lifesaver (MAST) Liaison/Scout and Heavy lift in such wonderful places a s Ft Hood, Korea, Ft Carson CO, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Iceland, Kuwait and Iraq.


Qualified on: Military TH-55A, UH-1H/V, OH-58A, and CH-47D.  Civil 500D, 206B-II & 206B-III

Flight time in: TH-55A, UH-1B, UH-1H, UH-1H RC, UH-1V, AH-1G, OH-58A, OH-58D I KW, CH-47C and CH-47D.  Fixed Wing: 170, T-42, T-28D, T-6.  Good to have friends with deep pockets.

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