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  1. It would appear that Lone Star is indeed going to have it on the market again. Apparently he's in the middle of rebuilding his web site and promises to have all of Cobra CO sets available... So my hybrid AH-1R will have to wait for a bit longer... Bryan
  2. I'm Looking for a Cobra company AH-1G conversion in 1/48 scale. It was on Loan Stars web site a few weeks ago, but now appears to have been dropped... Bryan Wilburn Parker CO
  3. I'm looking for suggestions for a good representation of the quilting used to deaden sound in the interior of cargo helos Bryan Parker CO
  4. Tony, many thanks! I found a couple of shots of a Mk 5 on Airliners.net and after a bit of photoshop and measuring I came up with a placement of .911” out from the centerline of the main gear attach point. Or 2.8”” off the centerline, Or .00661” inside your dimension. So yeah that works! One Mk 5 out there has the tanks 15" out for the Main gear. Just inches from the gear door. Bryan
  5. Thanks for the info! I took a shot of one of these on the ground at Mojavi in 79, operated by Flight systems and highly polished silver with a data boom where the gun radar went. Bryan
  6. Does the Hasegawa 1/48 Canadair Mk 5 kit have the correct 6-3 wing? Are there any drawings on this forum? Bryan Denver
  7. On a recent trip I picked up a 1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1D. It sat on the shelf for a bit and I started getting the pieces parts to build an RC Crash Recue "Firebird". Unfortunately when I opened the box I found the RH fuselage was deformed, looks like it was pulled hot and deformed. Any idea how I can get in touch with Kitty Hawk to get a replacement part? The WEB address in the instructions lead to a dead page... Bryan Wilburn Denver CO
  8. Ken, That's not entirely true. The US 500D is flown from the LH seat, at least the civil version that I flew in the Rockies doing exploration work for oil companies. The 206 BII & BIII was flown from the RH side. The position of the pilot has more to do with what is known as "Translating Tendency" of the helicopter roto system. With the TR under the tip path plane the helo tends to hang one side low. Western Helos hang LH side low as that's where the thrust of the TR shifts them. The European birds with blades that rotate in the opposite direction ho
  9. Mi-8AMTSH The long high aspect ratio metal blades droop quite a bit. I must admit this is the first time I've noticed the antennas strung to the horizontal stabilizers. Likely HF.
  10. The real thing... Not sure if the Mi wipers have a "park" position. Most birds I've flow do. Looks like HB came close to getting the windows right. Note the center window extends about 3" farther down than the L & R chin bubbles. It looks like the bird had two defog lines on the outboard side.
  11. Attached is a shot taken in the mid 90's at a Moscow air show. I didn't take the shot, and won't discuss who did. The bird is an Mi-8MTB-5/Mi-17M. Interesting study in upgraded armor and the adoption of the ramp sililar to the Chinooks I few.
  12. This looks like the Hip modified to run on Compressed Natural Gas. The turret looks like most graft on IR/FLIR turrets I've seen. Another interesting lump is the one forward of the roof hatch. - Bryan
  13. I doubt that is an OAT instrument. I have never flow a helicopter where the OAT is place on the instrument panel. Simple reason is it’s fairly useless in flight unless you going into the clouds and are worrying about icing. And AH/MH-6's are likely VFR only AC. In all the birds I’ve flown the OAT gage is placed at the top of the windscreen, or in the case of the CH-47, in the RH overhead window. You use it for validating your PPC (Performance Planning Card), and the HIT Check, after that you really don’t pay attention to it. Unless it’s to reinforce how hot and miserable you are like
  14. By any chance does anyone know who or where the shot of the 58D came from? -Bryan
  15. Thouth I'd post a few images of the FWD head out and folded out. CH-46E 156477 HMM-264 Newriver 5-12-93. Aft blades, Reb BL Left, Yellow is over the tunnel, BL R of the Green blade. Only have a BW of this bird. - Bryan
  16. For the most part the 47D started out as an A, B or C. And the F will be a rebuild of the D fuselage. The original A's were easier to tell as they put roof stringers lengthwise to stiffen the bird as the A had a "Oil Caning" structural problem. They also lacked the Aux tanks behind and in front of the main tank and there was only one filler point on each side. I think the 47B's also lacked the 6 tanks, and the 47C was the first bird to be produced with 6 tanks. But I could be wrong on that and the B 's got aux tanks later on. I only have about 4 hrs in a 47C whe
  17. Having the bird squatted a bit makes it easier to look at the TR, along with doing the Daily and preflight. Along with shipping the bird in a C-130. I remember crawling up on the stinger on a UH-1, it was a real pain just to get a good look at the pieces parts. You had to grab the tail light and pull yourself up. When I was up there I would "thump" the vertical fin out of habit. When I was in Korea, I thumped one of the 377 Taegu Dustoff birds and heard a rattle back. After 2 Hrs of fooling with it, the CE pulled a fuel fitting out of the fin. Sobering to think wh
  18. The attached shot was taken at Ft Eustis VA, when I was attending AMOC, Oct 80 - March 81. My track was the OH-58. I was the distinguished graduate of the OH-58 Maintenance Test Flight Class. I was also the ONLY one in the class... Had a lot of fun and learned a lot about the Kiowa. the UH-61 was sitting on the flight line at Felker AAF. And was still flying on occasion. Enjoy.. - Bryan
  19. Any body know if Phrogger is still active?



  20. I now "remember" where I saw the pics of the UH-1H RC bird boom. It was here!. At that time I didn't know where my shots of the 218th AC ended up. I'll call a bit later this afternoon. Bryan
  21. Actually this is the Desert/Arctic scheme. The birds at White Sands also used this scheme, along with OH-58A's. Bryan
  22. Ah yes, but like a red head I once knew, lovely to look at but a hand full... The Hiller had a couple of issues going against it. One was price. The other was it's early SAS. During the flight test phase the SAS would kick off at random times. Without SAS the bird was, as reported in the flight test docs, "dangerous" in the hands of an inexperienced pilot in turbulence. It was simply not stable without the SAS. The 58 was a bit twitchy in turbulence, but no where near as dangerous. In retrospect there is no doubt now that Hughes "bought" the contract for the LOH.
  23. Actually, in the flight Test reports on the LCH, JOH-58C, and OH-58C+, the landing gear was referred to as "BHT two-position landing gear". MPLH referred to the aircraft, not nessasariuily the skids, although most people today refer to the gear a "MPLH". Bryan
  24. This is a bit strange, quoting myself under a different account! I finally found the negatives for the RC birds. I must confess I was more interested in the T-39 Sabraliner than in the bird I had flown in. The shot was taken at Robert Gary AAF, West Ft hood, summer of 1975. the 25 Gal tanks sat on two rings, that were just about a stall as the tool box next to them. The rings provided a protected area under the tanks to run the lines. the tanks were pressurized by bleed air off the engine. The firefighters were very carful in mixing the AFFF, Light Water, as it could make for a leth
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