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  1. Hi Guys Thank you JGrease Still a long way to go but on the route to primer now! Lets see how it goes! Hope you enjoy Feel free to comment Best Regards Filipe
  2. I remember doing does Matra Super! They were a pain... looking forward to the finished plane, congrats! Best regards Filipe
  3. Hi Guys Started a long time ago and finished just last week! Here is the Airfix 1/48 Messerschmitt BF-109 E3 flow by Uffz. Karl Wolff JG52 Hope you enjoy Feel free to comment Best Regards Filipe
  4. Looking very nice! Congrats! Best regards Filipe
  5. Hi Guys Another Show Stopper Chuck, Congrats! Outstanding stuff as always! If you don't mind my two cents, go for the Aggressor! Best regards Filipe
  6. Hi Guys 1/72 Academy P-40N Warhawk With the Super Tucano completed here´s the latest one to enter the bench, Academy's 1/72 P-40N. I´m going to use a PE set from Eduard and some exhausts from Quick boost. Not much done yet but getting there! Hope you enjoy Feel free to comment Best Regards Filipe
  7. Hi Guys Thank you very much for the support! Best regards Filipe
  8. Hi Guys I have on the bench the 1/48 Airfix Bf-109 E kit and I would like the build it in Karl wolff´s livery with the white nose! Airfix doesn't provide this livery unfortunately! Does anyone have on the spares box the yellow 15 and the squadron badge decals? Can anyone help me? I´m from Portugal Thanks in advance, best regards Filipe
  9. Hi Guys The Super Tucano e finally all done! Hope you enjoy! Best Regards Filipe
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