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  1. aidy

    CT-114 Tutor

    @Colin K please expand the request for Kinetic to include the Malaysian CL-41G. I can provide pics and decal artwork.
  2. I'm looking for any pictures or information on F-100 Super Sabre chase planes. My friend said he's seen white and orange F-100 chase planes before and he wants me to build him one. Thing is, I just can't find any pictures of white F-100 chase planes on the internet. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Excellent work again, Gianni. You've taken the humble Matchbox kit tona whole new level.
  4. Wonderful work, Gianni. Simply jaw-dropping. By the way, I don't recall any problems with my isradecal walkways. Maybe some quality control slip by cartograf?
  5. Good to know that you've done work on this, Kursad. Hope someone (wolfpack, maybe?) produces the parts needed to make this sheet happen.
  6. Lovely P-3! If it wasn't for the size of these beauties, I'd love to build one myself.
  7. Hi Kursad, Any chance you might consider this subject? We've got the nice Academy kit available, and a growing number of users like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Iraq.
  8. Amazing attention to detail, Gianni. I've built this kit before, and your work makes it really unrecognisable from the original Matchbox kit. Can't wait to see it with decals on.
  9. Hi Kursad, I'm about to paint an Iraqi F-16D, and your instructions suggest that the light grey in the scheme is FS36270 neutral grey (labelled A). Compared to the Egyptian scheme printed on the same page, it looks more like the FS36375 (labelled C) in the Egyptian scheme than FS36270 on the same aircraft. So, are the Iraqi jets FS36270 or FS36375?
  10. Any chance you might consider a Malaysian scheme for this one, Kursad?
  11. I would say go with neomega. I used a couple of the quickboost noses and both needed quite some work to blend as it had a bigger radius than the kit nose. The shape is also inaccurate from my experience. The pisco nose fits beautifully and has better shape, but you need to cut the tip and drill a hole for the pitot yourself.
  12. Kursad, if you ever wish to include a Malaysian example in one of your sheets, I'd gladly send you my artwork.
  13. Very nice! Too bad about the warped wing, though, but I don't think it distracts too much from the quality of your build.
  14. Nice so far, B. Yeah, I actually got the kit to rob the pylons and rockets for my Mk. 108 build. Seeing the red plastic in your build makes me glad I got rid of my Red Arrows kit.
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