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  1. That would make sense if they eliminated the Super Hornet, which they did not. The real reason? They need an ECR replacement to keep the rest of their Eurofighter fleet viable and provide a broader EW capability, which the F-35 is not really designed for.
  2. So I found the chin pods and they don't come with the double one.... however looking at my Hasegawa D and what I have in parts, would it be just easier to combine three parts together to create the double chin? I think I can scratchbuild it if you want.
  3. Again, I've seen on the other side of the sales pitch (as have you), not only for this project but others. Seeing former uniformed personnel idolize new technology is par for the course, as is everything you've listed. Many of them are former colleagues of mine. Yes its often like snake oil salesmen, and frankly the only thing these discussions are good for is as one source of many what might be possible in the future, for when someone's crafting a SoR and RFP. But that requires further research, pulling in from multiple sources ect. I think the thing that it all comes down to str
  4. $65 CND million in 2010 Canadian dollars did account for the engines: you take inflation into account you get the present $80~85m flyaway costs. You want to point fingers at not understanding the issues? It was the public at large and the media full of people who barely has a clue about them yet look for outrage everywhere. The estimates prepared by DND in 2010 and 2014 are as valid today as when they were made. That isn't reported in the press, who still take the 2011 PBO and 2012 Auditor General report as a shibboleth when they were exceptionally flawed reports.
  5. I've interacted with the biz dev people for all of the major manufacturers in the Canadian program. Perhaps because of the JSF program membership, LM is the least egregious in their claims... perhaps tied with Eurofighter. I'd argue the Eurofighter people were more respectful, and do more listening than talking. LM people are fairly careful with their language. I had a Boeing person say that there was nothing special about the F-35 except its radar... I mean okay sure. In general they're less interested in fighting on the technical merits, but better at exploiting some of the canad
  6. hmmm, I couldn't find it today but I'll take another look on saturday. I found some of the sprues but not that specific one.
  7. I might have a fujimi one, which shouldn't make a difference... can you send me a photo of what you need?
  8. There isn't much criticism out there for two reasons. One: the aircraft is barely into its development cycle and has only two customers, neither a major power. First flight was last year. Second its basically got a legion of people out there who are willing to parrot every ridiculous claim that SAAB makes. Want to see an instance where Saab gets caught out? scroll down to the where Col. Laurie Hawn (ret) rips the Saab representative a new one about their cost per flying hour claim. http://www.ourcommons.ca/DocumentViewer/en/40-3/NDDN/meeting-38/evidence "Big and
  9. Gripen? 100% hype, not even close to what Canada needs in any respect. Quite literally a public relations campaign based on lies and misrepresentations of what they offer, followed by a pretty mediocre capability at not a reasonable price whatsoever.
  10. Higher acquisition and service costs, no appreciable difference in range to the F-35 for where we need it, significantly inferior industrial benefits to any other option.
  11. have you tried messaging through the contact us page, rather than sending an email?
  12. ^ well I also think that Brits are introduced to it at an earlier age and casual drinking is a bit more ingrained in their culture than in the U.S. When your introduction into drinking is a few years of getting blackout drunk furtively in high school parties... it might not be the best marker to lay down. (its a bit of a stereotype, but its generally accurate). Also consider that drinking age would prevent a significant portion of the military population from even joining in.
  13. Its coloured... same as VMFA 121's bird.
  14. *hides his free chalet pass he's not going to use*
  15. Very nice haul~ These two I'd like to highlight however. Yodobashi Camera, and a lot of other sort of electronic department stores (Joshin comes to mind) are probably the best places to get up to date stuff, or "Deals" for lets say stuff thats been released in the past three years. I bought an Hasegawa SDF-1 for like 4000 yen at one. Random hobby stores, are the real gold, especially in towns outside of the major city centres. They will have kits from years past, at original MSRP... so what it was in like 1990. I think I paid 1200 for
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