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  1. Raymond I don't know where in New Zealand that you are from, but my wife and I recently visited there and came across "Modelcrafts and Hobbies" in Wellington and it was great. They had a very good scifi section which was extremely well priced. With the rerelease of the a lot of the old AMT kits I'm sure that they would have them The guy behind the counter didn't know what to think as 2 Aussie Tourists walked his shop in wonder (and complaining that we didn't have enough room in our luggage to take much) and was surprised again that my wife complained more than I did. Their website is http://www.aspdirect.co.nz/secure/cgi-bin/...&company=models Hope this helps Dagwood
  2. Thanks for responding Madmike, managed to find a couple of them hidden away at the back of a Toys T Us outlet Phill
  3. Was wondering if any one could point me in the direction of a shop in Australia that has one of these on offer, I've been looking at all the shops in Brisbane with no luck - only found an Xwing (and that was at the Swap meet). Any help would be much Appreciated Thanks in Advance Phill
  4. Looks great, My wife is building one of these at the moment but is stuck on the colour - what green did you us? Thanks Dagwood
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