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  1. Sorry about that. They uploaded just fine last night. I guess the system gagged on them afterwards. Here are jpgs of the same pages from the manuals. As for understanding how things work, that is why I got into aviation.
  2. Deleted since the files did not work.
  3. No worries, I have not been all that active on the site myself.
  4. Here are right side flap well details.
  5. Here are some views of the left hand flap well and bottom of flap. It appears that I never got around to shooting the top side of either flap after the jet arrived in Ft Worth.
  6. A few shots of the flap well and a flap laying on the ground are in this series: F-105D 60-5385 Look at pager 2,8,9,10,11,12. I will see if I have anything better from when she arrived in Ft Worth. bill
  7. 64-0837 (1185) First Flight 23SEP65, Fly Away 05NOV65, 81TFW 05NOV65, 12TFW OCT66, 366TFW 1967, 12TFW APR68-TA 31AUG68 bill
  8. Eduard I really enjoyed your pair of Vought aircraft the A-7D and F-8E. The photos you posted show your modeling skill with the two jets. Thanks for sharing them with us. V/r bill
  9. Great job on the Javelin and thanks for all the history and build text with the post! bill
  10. EA-6B 160609 in CONA colors is the subject of a walkaround I did previously that is now posted to Prime Portal EA-6B 160609 bill
  11. JRB Fort Worth had a brand new as of that date, undelivered F-35C on display for the Saturday show. Don Busack who owns and operates Prime Portal has kindly hosted my from the rope line walk around of 56 images of F-35C 168845 in VFA-101 markings on his site. Prime Portal is such a tremendous resource for all modelers I am sure Don would appreciate it if you tossed a few coins in his collection bucket to help pay for all the content he provides. Other than his hosting of my donated pictures, I receive no benefit from Don or his site. Have a good evening and I hope you enjoy the imag
  12. A couple of things to add for your information. The trailing edge flaps need to be lowered and painted white as well. These are the small sections between the ailerons (already drooped) and the fuselage. Second item, the anti skid sections on the inboard upper surfaces of the UHTs (stabilizers) do not extend to the undersides. The undersides are white. Third item, in previous posts you showed the underside of the wing to be gull grey and it should be white as well. Here are three pages from the painting guide that should be of some assistance to you. Finally search the foru
  13. Having searched the forum, checked the pinned listing in this section, I found no specific home for the Corsair. Here is a series of images walking around a F4U-1 back in July 1942. Images courtesy Vought Aircraft Historic Foundation scanned by me. [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url] [/url]
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