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  1. Hi David Trials are ongoing,with the results getting better its just the metallic grains that are causing probelms they are very abrasive on the nozzles. Just done some silver badges and they have come out perfect Paul Parkes682Decals
  2. Hi David Its cutting edge technogly to develop a printer that prints Gold. Since Alps went bust and us modellers are finding it harder to print these types of colours,i decided to do something about it. The printer is in development trials just seeing what it can and cannot do,im running a Silver as well at the moment. I think its down to Silk screen Custom Manufacturers who charge huge amount of money to make these. The cheapest i know on this side of the pond is a company who charges for 50 sheets minimum at £8 GBP per sheet x 50 (thats 2 colours only) and a set up up fee of £70 GBP per
  3. Hi All I am just posting a new "Gold" Inkjet Printer here on ARC Air. It prints "Gold" Ink on to Clear Decal,further trials on this printer will follow i thought i would like to share opportunity with other modellers to show them what is in the pipeline as far as this new technogly. Here are the photo's,you may notice some black ink in the gold but that is from the black cartridge that is being used to test the ink. Furthermore the more gold ink that is being put in the cartridge the purer the ink will become. The other colour underneath is "Silver" Inkjet Rolls Royce Enjoy the photo's
  4. Hi All I will try and answer as many questions as i can The printer is Canon MP280 it has a tri-colour cartridge and a black cartridge. To get the the black just to print only disarm the colour cartridge in the settings. So it will only print black or in this case silver only. You have to draw everything in black to "fool " the printer. The cartridge prints "silver" The Ink is still on going tests to open its "printing envelope" im finding what it can do and not do. Its made from a water based,microscopic particles of Silver/Aluminium with a holding agent that what we have found "stain
  5. Hi All Here's some more photo's of the trials of the Silver Inkjet Printer Your comments and suggestions and idea's are welcome Paul Parkes682Decals
  6. Hi All Ive just released some photos of a New "Silver" Inkjet printed on clear decal. Its from the same company Parkes682Decals that developed the "White" Inkjet Printer. The Ink has took 3 years to develop and is run on Canon Inkjet Printer with 2 cartridges one black/Silver and the other a colour cartridge. Adding colour to the silver will be at a later date. This is a Experimental Printer and trials are progressing. On one setting a "shine" comes to the decal,on a different setting a "dullness" can be made. Here's the photos This is a British Invention Copyright Parkes682Decals2014
  7. Hi Anthony

    My email is parkes682decals@aol.com


  8. Hi I helped develop it for my custom decal business. It works on a standard Epson "off the shelf/computer store" it took 3 years to develop it. It has 4 "white" cartridges and can take lettering down to .5 mm (.020") high lettering You could say its a "British" invention i use it for my modelling.
  9. Hi I make custom decals,have a look at my "White" inkjet. These are some that i have done recently,ive put them on to some black card so they show up better. These are NOT Alps printed,these are "White" Inkjet. Hope you like them Paul Parkes682Decals Birmingham England
  10. Hi Paul i have sent you a P.M. with my contact number


  11. Hi Rich

    Let me have your contact number its free for me on land lines but not mobiles


  12. Hi Paul i have sent you a P.M regarding the Laker DC10 decals let me know if you got it ok as i have been having trouble with people not getting my messages a few times


  13. Hi Rich

    Ive watching your decals mainly the civilan ones.

    What software do you use ?

    Do you have the Skytrain DC-10 decals still avaiable ?

    If you get time maybe we can have chat on the phone ?



  14. Hi I developed a White inkjet printer that prints white ink on to clear decal(dont try this at home) its very specialised. My website parkes682decals.com Paul
  15. Hi All Tornado and Hawks Here's some Tornado "Queens Jubilee" Tail Scheme decals They are printed on to clear decal in 1:48th scale to go on to a white tail. They also include a "white" crown crest that goes in the middle of the red cross this is printed using my "white" inkjet printer that prints on to clear decal I will be making some 1:48th scale Hawk T1/T2 in the same scheme for the tail Also with the sheet comes with roundels and serial code Have a look Paul
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