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  1. Does anyone know what this pump in the cockpit of the Stahltaube is and go to?
  2. Thanks, I haven't seen those before. I ended up subscribing the the Air Corps Library. Amazing resource!
  3. Yea, I think so too. I did find some more images of the diagram but I'm wondering how to recreate the cover in 1/24 scale. Tamiya 2 part epoxy is a new item for me.
  4. I'm working on a revised F6F Cockpit Control Stick for my 1/24 Airfix Hellcat kit. There are thousands of images of the control stick from the top but none from the side that show off the full parts. Does anyone have any images of it in more detail. Diagrams, etc.? A canvas covering that usually covers the control box. Would this be something that was usually not present on operational aircraft on a carrier? Regards
  5. Thanks Frank, I just got my kits yesterday. What a kit. I'm just going to build it OOB with a few wire and whatnot.
  6. I used his updates for the Spitfire. Wonderful little gems of art. I couldn't have said it any better. I've yet to get my kits yet. There stuck in customs in New York? All the way from Hong Kong to NY and hopefully to California sometime in the next century. I feel like the USPS. I've somewhat stopped building aircraft or pretty much Tamiya models due to the time I have to spend filling and not being able to open the "bays". I have that F-117 and still have not started it. (eBay anyone?) I wanted to have the bay open but it's just filled with marks. I may sound a bit "lazy" but I feel for the price of these kits today. They should get this issue over with. I've been building alot of Dragon armor and it seems they do not have this issue. Or if they do they mark is totally hidden or can be sanded down in a flash.
  7. I'm just thinking about the future. When subjects likes this roll out of the hangar I tend to start months after a new model hits the market. For some reason I cannot wait on this one... lol I enjoy reading some of the review out today about modeling subjects. Some are spot on, other not so much so. I've just seen one small picture of the bay on this kit. I saw a few marks that were on the leading forward of the bay. I've never had much luck filling in those holes. Very true. Most of the time the aftermarket guys seem to stick to the "popular" genes and forget about the stuff that is truley interesting. But I think for this kit they will br allot of stuff like the Spitfire.
  8. I've ordered a few of the new Tamiya 1/32 P-51D. I've heard that the wheel bays are filled with ejector pin marks. I was wondering if anyone knows if any aftermarket wheel bays will fit the kit. I was thinking about using the 1/32 Aires P-51D Mustang Wheel Bay Set made for the Trumpeter kit. In the Tamiya kit. Possible?
  9. Thanks. Same here. It seams us modelers are always looking outside the box for stuff.
  10. Looks great. May I ask what are you using for the wire?
  11. Salve!, Thanks for all of the comments... I've been back in forth to the dentist dealing with my wisdom teeth being extracted... Not fun! Anyways I've made some progress with my build.... Altitude Switch Quilting thread was used to simulate wire. Voltage Regulator Two wires made from quilting thread have been added to the bottom of the regulator. Tad bit of dry-brushing. Pneumatic Air Bottles Had to mix color for the gray. I didnt have the right color in my stock. Somewhat close to a Light Ghost Gray. Instrument Panel Assembly Ready to be installed... Pilots Seat Sprayed with Model Masters 'British Crimson Red'. Have not had time to assemble my paper Sutton QT Harness from RB. Control Colum Closeup Three added wires for effect. Made from Black Quilting Thread. I used a thin piece of CP-60 tape painted green for the metal hold points on the colum. Left Sidewall A few wires. Cockpit doesn't need to much... Left Sidewall Closeup Installed Air Bottles and a bit of dry brushing to bring out the details & simulate 'wear and tear'. Left Sidewall 2 Basic dry fitting. Everything looks good so far. Right Sidewall O2 Bottle Sprayed with Tamiya Flat Black and gloss coated with Future Floor Polish. I constructed the pilots O2 mast hose out of a metal wire and some lead wire (0.15) wrapped around it. Painted tan and washed with oil. Miscellaneous pluming and wire is made from Quilting Thread of different colors. Scratches are made using a Prisma Color Pencil. Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions always welcome... B)
  12. avete, After seeing so many beautiful Spitfire these past months, I decided to throw my spit into the air. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated via ARC and Flickr. (Left to right) Rear support, Seat support, rear wall of instrument panel and the forward support for the instrument panel. I spayed with PS Interior green, shaded with Tamiya Yellow Green XF-4 and Flat Brown XF-10. No added wash yet. Spayed green, shaded with Tamiya Yellow Green XF-4 and Flat Brown XF-10. I sprayed Testors MM Aluminum for the rear portion. No added wash yet. Rudders Top view. All washed up. Seat Armor Plate. I'm horrible with photo-etch. I airbrushed the top with some Tamiya Flat Brown XF-10. It took me a good 20 min to paint this little guy. I thinned PollyScale Interor Green way too much. Just about every piece that is to go into my Spitfire cockpit. A good way to keep your pieces organized. Packing Foam. The stuff computer parts are shipped in a box with.
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