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  1. Thank you Sebastijan for hosting this GB. It was my pleasure. Congratulations all for such beautiful models :thumbsup:/> . :cheers:/> Mitja
  2. It's done.... :)/> Happy new year!!
  3. Mig is finished :). more in gallery... best regards and happy new year M.
  4. Ryan sorry for my late answer! It is my first helicopter. In generaly it is nice model to build. I only had some problems wiht assambling the two halves of hull because of the exhausts. cheers... M.
  5. Greetings after a long long time. It is could and nothing smatr to do outside, so I have again time for modeling. Here is small update. Hind got it's camo. Now i have to paint exhausts and do some small corrections on camouflage before I apply decals. thank you for watching, M.
  6. Hellow! Here is my second entry to this GB. It is MiG-21MF 1/72 from Fujimi with Quickboost corect spine and tail and Pavla KM-1 resin pilot seat. Here is some progress: Cockpit Pilot seat Fuselage with Quickboost resin that's all for now. cheers wild...
  7. Great work Aigore! Nice looking kitty...I can't stop watching it :). cheers
  8. Thank you both :) Here is some update. Fuselage is glued. joints need some putty and sanding. Canopy is sandet and ready for Future. "Wings" are just dryfited. cheers Wild...
  9. Nice looking C-pits, especially for F-14. Fujimi realy did god job on their F-14 Tomcat C-pits. there in no resin needet for open cockpit/canopy :). cheers, Wild...
  10. It's time to start my first GB. It will be Hobby boss Mi-24v Hind-E in 1:72 with Eduard cockpit PE and mask's. I will use OOB Iraq decals. In general it is good model. Cockpit is well detailed only cargo area has lack of details, but if you make closed cargo doors it's hard to see what is in inside. The only defect/mistake on fuselage is that it is not eccentric. too bad for this. Here we go with some pictures. Box with Eduard extras: complete cockpit: now i'm whaiting for Alclad Burnt Iron si that I can finish exhausts and then put fuselage together. till then.... thanks for wa
  11. Hi guys! this will be my first GB. i'll join it with: Mi-24v Hind Hobby boss 1:72 with OOB Iraq decals Mig-21MF Fujimi 1:72 with OOB Iraq decals + Quickboost corect spine and tail for Fujimi Mig-21 kit F-5E Tiger II Hobby boss 1:72 with Iran decals from Hi-decal best regards, wild0ne...
  12. thank you Andy and 2qwik4u for informations. both decals are ordered and i'll get them in 10days.
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