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  1. Hi guys... here are some photos of my last realization Hawk T1 Italeri 1/72 modified cockpit, Flaps, gear bay wheel, rat and some parts... A tribute of the 100 Sqn 95th Anniversary ciao Silvano
  2. phantom61

    T6 Texan AMI

    WIP with the details for the costruction... http://www.flickr.com/photos/92879412@N06/ decal plate Italia coccarde Tauromodel the color mix two yellow gunze... Tks... grazie 1000 x i complimenti...
  3. phantom61

    T6 Texan AMI

    Tks Euge... Who would have thought ciao
  4. phantom61

    T6 Texan AMI

    Hello... the fire extinguisher it Brengun this the link http://www.brengun.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21?page=3 the figure are Preiser all 1/72 cheers
  5. phantom61

    T6 Texan AMI

    It's a Texan T 6D AMI cheers
  6. phantom61

    T6 Texan AMI

    Hi all, my new model... thank you for your attention
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