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  1. Looking good, will you be rescribing the raised detail?
  2. I reckon Mig-29 in 72nd scale, to cash in on the Kiev Ghost bandwagon.
  3. Advertised for August 2022. Altough, the Cheetah D was supposed to be out in April, yet it is still unavailable in most of Europe from what I see in eshops.
  4. Thank you. I in fact, have tamiya weathering powders and varioud oil paints I could use to do that. Working on other models at this time, but I might revisit this one later.
  5. Topic creator did not clarify which scale. 🙄 Zvezda has, in fact, already released several Su-25 types in 72nd, but they are not really exceptional.
  6. Yes, altough the one linked is for the Gorkiy produced version, which was less widely used from what I know.
  7. Thank you. The exhaust piece by Armycast is much better. The originial plastic part has very thich edges and also no internal ribbing detail. In theory, you can scratchbuild all of that, just by adding stretched sprue ribs and thinning down the edges and also you can add some rivet detail, but I just spent extra 5 euro and that spared me an evening of scratchbuilding in the end.
  8. You can buy an aftermarket Oerlikon KCA by Maestro models, I believe.
  9. Greetings, I recently made this lovely 72nd scale Eduard Mig-21. It is a great kit, practically no filler needed, went together like a dream. I purchased a lot of aftermarket for it as well - resin exhaust (Armycast) and engine (Eduard), resin pylons and UB-16 rocket pods, exterior and interior PE (all of these Eduard), metal pitot tube (Master), and Slovak Air Force specific decals (Airdesign). This particular jet was manufactured in Moscow and first served in the Czechoslovak Air Force, and later in the Slovak Air Force until 2001 (maybe 2002?), when it was retired and placed
  10. Indeed, I built 3 already, still one in the stash, but I feel like I need to get me some more Kfirs, haha.
  11. High Planes models make injection moulded / multimedia kits of Cheetah E, C and D in 1/72nd scale. They are what they are, but nothing better in scale. It was confirmed by Special Hobby, that long away in their upcoming Mirage III/V line, there is a Cheetah somewhere. Modelsvit also mentioned plans to make one years ago, but the current situation in Ukraine probably means that it is not coming anytime soon. You can also use Scaleworx Resin conversion set for AMK Kfir, which is what I did here:
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