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  1. Indeed, I built 3 already, still one in the stash, but I feel like I need to get me some more Kfirs, haha.
  2. High Planes models make injection moulded / multimedia kits of Cheetah E, C and D in 1/72nd scale. They are what they are, but nothing better in scale. It was confirmed by Special Hobby, that long away in their upcoming Mirage III/V line, there is a Cheetah somewhere. Modelsvit also mentioned plans to make one years ago, but the current situation in Ukraine probably means that it is not coming anytime soon. You can also use Scaleworx Resin conversion set for AMK Kfir, which is what I did here:
  3. Atlas Cheetah D is due out late March 2022 by Kinetic if I am not mistaken. Two seater, but still.
  4. Greetings, I have recently completed another jet long in the making. It is a Su-27 SM Flanker by Zvezda, finished in one of the marking options provided by the kit. Now, I understand we currently have a very difficult situation and conflict ongoing in regards to Russia, so if anyone finds this post offensive I will remove it. This is in no way intended to show any sort of support for what Russia is doing, I started the kit several months ago and obviously had no idea of what is to come. I used a dedicated Master pitot tube, pieces from several PE sets (Microdisign, Edu
  5. Greetings, So, after a long time, I managed to finish another model. Atlas Cheetah C of the Ecuatorian Air Force, created using the wonderful AMK 1/72 Kfir kit and the appropriate ScaleWorx resin conversion set. The build was relatively easy, as the AMK kit is a joy to work with, I almost felt bad for cutting it up, haha, but it was needed in order to fit the resin conversion parts. The resin parts themselves are light blue color, very nice quality overall and satisfying level of detail. The only negative I found is that the provided resin canards (Cheetah canards are la
  6. Seriously? All of this is just unnecessary loss of life and something that shouldn't happen in the 21st century and you people here argue about which side is right and which one is wrong? This is a modeling forum, about a hobby that people enjoy because it lets them forget about every day life and problems and conflicts like this. So stay on topic or frack off please...
  7. I do believe many people have posted before that GWH customer service is non existant. They do have an email contact listed on their boxes though. Also Mr.Haneto here on ARC forums seems to have inside information, and thus might also be able to help out regarding spare parts? However, first, I would indeed recommend to contact the seller as they could sort the issue out.
  8. Well, at least you don't have to rescribe and deepen all of them like the Zvezda kits...
  9. That is great news indeed! Looks like no rest for my wallet even in 2022.🤣 Thank you.
  10. Merry Christmas, Mr.Haneto. May I ask when can we expect to see a new member of the 72nd Flanker family from GWH?
  11. This is true, I observe this on modelforum a lot. Czech modellers give them hell over every little mistake. Their recent Zero release is a prime example. The red color on japanese roundels is brought up repeatedly as wrong, people go as far as asking for refunds over this. Just spray the color yourself then, or buy aftermarket. Even on this forum, there is a topic regarding their in project Mig-21F and users are very vocal about them catering to czech modellers only with the choice of version and they assume in advance Eduard will declare version differences unimportant, where the
  12. I asked date predictions for 72nd bis, SMT and R, the response was it is too early to speculate an exact date. I will try to press for more information. I figure they will first release Spitfire Mk.whatever and Bf-10whatever version 1,406,003, because of course there is a shortage of those on the czech market.🤣
  13. "Thursday" is just a mistranslation, as someone obviously non-czech speaker read the forum and posted a crude google translate effort on the last page. It is supposed to be slang for 48th scale in czech language.
  14. This translation is taken out of context, and no indication at all that we will not be seeing any more Fishbeds in 72nd scale. Vl.Sulc was simply reacting to a post which claimed there is aminosity between 72nd and 48th scale builders on the website. His response was indeed that they are primarely a 48th scale producer, but they are still producing 72nd scale products and will continue to do so. They will downscale 48th products (such as the Mig-21R, perhaps?) to 72nd , it is just not a high priority. And SH Viggens and Mirage F.1s are great kits, there would be no
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