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  1. Masterwork!
  2. To put this into perspective, check the price for AMK's 72nd Kfir once it's out!
  3. Slightly off topic perhaps, I apologize, but does the kit include the bombs pictured below (250kg ones I think)? I saw them used on Su-33s during their Syria-deployment and wanted to model my Su-33 with them on... thinking about stealing the bombs + pylons from the Su-34 trumpy kit, hehe. If they are actually not included with this kit, can anyone recommend an aftermarket set in 1/72? Thanks in advance.
  4. Front windscreen shape is also (IMO) incorrect. Boxart is superb though.
  5. The Su-33 decals are marvelous as well, top marks!
  6. Waiting for the Trumpy 72nd one instead...
  7. There are no hydraulic arms for the wheel bay doors in this kit?
  8. If you reside in the US or Canada: http://www.revell.com/support/parts.html I hear it takes ages for them to send anything to North America from Germany though. I was "lucky" because I live in Europe and it only took 2 weeks for me... too bad they didn't send the part I actually ordered, heh.
  9. Today, I received a letter from Revell Germany with the replacement part. I was quite suprised, it didn't take them too long. Except when I opened it, I realized they didn't send me what I wanted... lol. I ordered a new canopy for the 72nd twin seater Eurofighter and I got... well, I'm not even sure what it is. I don't think it's from a Eurofighter kit actually, heh. My email to them was very detailed on what I need, I'm quite intrigued they messed up like this. Oh well... at least it was free.
  10. I think this might be part of the reason the kit isn't selling. Yes, taste is subjective, but still, I believe quite a few people nowadays (myself included) think that these new generation super modern stealth jets (Raptor, F-35, Chinese J-20, PAK FA) are in fact ugly and boring from a modeler's point of view. I know that americans probably love the Raptor (it is the "Spirit of America" and all that), but personally I agree with Ventris in that it is ugly and not something I would like to be part of my modeling collection.
  11. They have included with the kit: 4x B-8 +decals 2x R-27ET 4x R-27R 2x R-77 2x R-60 4x R-73 +decals Thankfully, I decided to build it without armament a long time ago. I wouldn't have recognized the errors mentioned in posts above.
  12. That is correct, however they are shown on the armament diagram of the kit, since Hasegawa included them as well. The wingtip pylons can also carry ECM pods btw...
  13. I have the Hasegawa Su-33 instruction sheet with such a diagram. wingtip pylons - R73 or R-60 underwing - outer - R-73 underwing - middle - R-27R/ET, R-73, R-77, 2x B-8 underwing - inner - R-27R/ET or R-77 under intakes - R-27R or R-77 center pylons - R-27R or R-77 Hope that helps