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  1. Today, Mr. Sulc wrote on modelforum that neither 72nd SMT, R, bis, or 48th UM will not be made this year.
  2. Modelsvit makes models in Ukraine, they just have a warehouse / distributor in Bulgaria.
  3. I was saving up some Aztec modelling decals for 72nd scale Cuban Mig-21bis from future Eduard kit. I will now say there is no point and just build the Zvezda bis instead. Or find a resin conversion set for Eduard MF (if such thing exists).
  4. A&A released one in 2018 indeed. It was a proper horrible kit. Bad surface quality, sink marks, half done panel lines, thick and foggy clear parts, bad fit all around. This new boxing is supposed to have revised fuselage and wing parts, but I am not convinced until some sprue shots are shown. The original kit is only recommended for those with blind love for the type, or for masochists in general...
  5. Hoping for this in 72nd scale as well. The AA models offering a few years back was atrocious...
  6. Certainly, in this day and age of 3D printing, etc., modellers shouldn't be making harnesses out of masking tape, etc. Whether moulded crudely in plastic, or provided in PE/resin, or a combination of those, or fabric - it is all good in my eyes, as long as the manufacturers make an effort.
  7. Looking good, will you be rescribing the raised detail?
  8. Advertised for August 2022. Altough, the Cheetah D was supposed to be out in April, yet it is still unavailable in most of Europe from what I see in eshops.
  9. Thank you. I in fact, have tamiya weathering powders and varioud oil paints I could use to do that. Working on other models at this time, but I might revisit this one later.
  10. Topic creator did not clarify which scale. 🙄 Zvezda has, in fact, already released several Su-25 types in 72nd, but they are not really exceptional.
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