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  1. Hello, This is Eduard's Mig-21MF Profipack edition kit, built with some additional aftermarket goods (resin exhaust, external PE set), in Romanian AF markings. Very beginner friendly kit, goes together like a dream. Brush painted with various colors from AKAN, Ammo Mig and MRP aqua based paints. Apologies for my "potato camera" picture quality. Thanks for looking.
  2. Were there any uniques for air shows? Do you have pictures?
  3. Eduard's 1/72nd Mig-21 is a dream to build for sure.
  4. Oh, damn, it says ships "worldwide", but then the postage excludes like 200 countries... smh
  5. Ok, so to answer my own question, they are indeed ECM Sorbtsiya pods, since the entire sprues provided in this weapon set are copied from the ICM Su-27 kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/142713-icm-72221-su-27-flanker Now they may look trash when compared to the Wolfpack aftermarket offering, or even the ones in the Trumpeater Su-30MKK kit, but they are certainly the cheapest option in this scale out there.
  6. Greetings, I have recently seen sprue pictures of this armament set, https://www.scalemates.com/kits/101567-icm-72212-soviet-air-to-air-aircraft-armament ... and it seems parts no. 12 and 13 are halves of a ECM pod - Sorbtsiya?? They are unmarked in the directions sheet and as far as I know not mentioned anywhere as parts of the offering. Anyone who owns this set able to verify? Thanks in advance.
  7. Advanced Modeling already make 'Khibiny' ECM pod, is that not good for Su-34?
  8. Greetings, I am currently about to start work on Trumpeter's 72nd scale Mig-31BM, however there is a huge mis-mold on the inner front part of the canopy, as shown in the pictures below (linked from Britmodeller forums) Sanding and polishing seems like the obvious way, however since it's the inside and there is a lot of detail around, I was wondering if anyone knows a "safe" way or some trick to do it. Thanks
  9. Just use imgur.com like everyone else does noawadays.... why do all modellers cling on to flickr, photobucket, etc.?
  10. To put this into perspective, check the price for AMK's 72nd Kfir once it's out!
  11. Slightly off topic perhaps, I apologize, but does the kit include the bombs pictured below (250kg ones I think)? I saw them used on Su-33s during their Syria-deployment and wanted to model my Su-33 with them on... thinking about stealing the bombs + pylons from the Su-34 trumpy kit, hehe. If they are actually not included with this kit, can anyone recommend an aftermarket set in 1/72? Thanks in advance.
  12. Front windscreen shape is also (IMO) incorrect. Boxart is superb though.
  13. The Su-33 decals are marvelous as well, top marks!
  14. Perhaps when the crew want to use the rumored "mens room" on the plane and need some privacy? Here is another picture but a relatively bad angle...
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