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  1. This has been my experience with HB/Trumpeter as well. In the box, their kits look very nice and the engineering is superb, but when you pay more attention to detail, and you actually care for the subject matter, you quickly realize their research is very shallow and their already expensive kits will require even more aftermarket to make them right. This has been my experience with HB/Trumpeter in the past, and as a result I now only buy their kits if there is no alternative on the market.
  2. The eshop linked above in screenshot is the one I was referring to.
  3. They only ship to EU countries + the UK, I just checked.
  4. Well, I don't know, but even if they do, shipping would probably cost you more than the kit.🤣
  5. That is quite the irony, as I live in central europe, my favorite hobby shop has the L4824 item in stock, but I don't want it as I am waiting for its 72nd scale brother.🤣
  6. Thank you, I like that one a lot as well.
  7. Greetings, I just wanted to share a few pictures of these jets I built rather slowly during the past year. They have a common theme in belonging to South American air forces, and being delta winged aircraft. The first one is a Modelsvit 1/72 Mirage III EBR, built in the "azure grey" scheme. Aftermarket used is Master pitot tube and Reskit Mirage IIIE resin engine nozzle. Also replaced gun barrels with hypodermic needles, and added some brake lines to gear legs from copper and lead wires. Very nice kit, had fun building it, just required some patience, as fit is rather tight in
  8. That is not drybrushing. You use a moist brush (I usually just lick it, haha, but you can use tap water), load it with color from the selected paint and place a dab onto the model, then use another bigger brush or a make up sponge to spread it, blend it in, etc.. If you mess up, just use a wet cotton swab to clear it all up and start over again. You can esentially do the same thing with oil paints to create fuel leaks, etc., but you have to use enamel thinner instead of water with those. I think you can spray a clear coat over the Tamiya weather master products if the paint i
  9. Looks a lot like an approach one would take when painting Flanker nozzles is needed. Paint outside and inside separately. After primer, use some mixture of jet exhaust or burnt iron with steel, highlight or darken some petals with variations of the shade above based on reference pictures, seal with clear varnish, add black pin wash, and finish with tamiya weathering master sets, snow from set B is particularly good for emulating the white ceramic effect leftovers, and weathering set D contains bluish and copper shades you might need as well. On the outside, same basic process, but I would
  10. Ah, very nice! Spotted a few inaccuracies, but these are all design issues and not print-related. Given the obscure nature of this particular aircraft, and especially the FAE schemes, I am just glad there is decals available for it at all! Can't wait to build it.
  11. Maybe message Haneto on this forum? He seems to be associated with GWH... On the other hand, you might want to contact the retailer who sold you the kit, they might help?
  12. Dear Mr.Uprise.decals I've been told you are in charge of creating the decals for the Scaleworx resin conversion kit for AMK Kfir into Ecuadorian Atlas Cheetah! I have that set on order, please hurry up as my fingers are itching to cut into the plastic already 😄 (just joking of course, I am busy building other stuff, but keep up the good work) 👍
  13. Here is question for all Mig-21 experts... I would be interested in building a Cuban Mig-21 MF in the future, in a nice blue-green scheme. However, I am not sure which Eduard kit to get for the job - the Interceptor or the Fighter-Bomber version? Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. Vladimir Vladimiroch gave two thumbs up.
  15. In my case, they only responded after I raised a complaint through PayPal and asked for a refund. Eventually, they delivered my order, it arrived last week... I placed my order Jan 10th 2021!
  16. So, just to update my own post, today I finally received the Aztec decals I ordered. Shipping took 6 months... Jan 10th - Jul 13th. Not sure if I should laugh or cry. I am yet to open the bag and see what is inside.😃
  17. Link please? I can't find a Hornet WIP thread anywhere there by a person with that name.
  18. So, just to follow up on this. The tracking number I received showed the package being 'delivered' in the UK, but then returned to sender as the delivery address was not found. Then after a month of silence, it shows as 'delivered' back in Mexico. Returned to sender. 2-3 more weeks have passed since then and no change, nothing new. I have given up on the decals now and will try to force a refund through Paypal, but only to prove a point. It was only an experiment and the 15 euros I lost don't break my wallet. Anyway, as far as I am concerned Aztec models is
  19. How can that be your fault? They are offering a service and fail to deliver. And appearently it is not a one off thing. My order is "in transit" for over 42 days now and lost somewhere in the UK. I think I have a right to ask for a refund in this case.
  20. Their service is dodgy at best. Only accept Paypal and delivery via mail, no courier or anything else. Ordered Jan 10th or so, got a tracking number Jan 15th and as of Feb 20th,it shows my package somewhere in the UK where it failed to be delivered. Mind you I live in central Europe, nowhere near the UK. Thinking about asking for a refund through Paypal. But will definitely avoid Aztec in the future.
  21. Hello, This is Eduard's Mig-21MF Profipack edition kit, built with some additional aftermarket goods (resin exhaust, external PE set), in Romanian AF markings. Very beginner friendly kit, goes together like a dream. Brush painted with various colors from AKAN, Ammo Mig and MRP aqua based paints. Apologies for my "potato camera" picture quality. Thanks for looking.
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