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  1. Niki, Contact me off the forum at: airphotoone@comcast.net Tim
  2. Richard, There is only a one foot, 2 inch difference between the two. 14 inches in 1/144 scale is 2.47 mm. 7'0" for the -300 8'2" for the -800/900 Tim In wet Seattle
  3. Tony, Great job on both of your two SCA's! It's nice you have the room for the 1/144 ones. Makes me itching to get started on my 1/200 N905NA. Tim Bradley
  4. Greetings all, Here's an update on the second NASA 747 sheet. A sheet was sent to Tony Landis and he checked it next to the real SCA and said, "...the colors look spot on..." Tony, thanks again for all your help from all of us! I have both the 1/200 and the 1/144 sheets on Ebay right now. Tim Bradley
  5. Stephen, Completely OK, In fact I have stayed with just the primer on several models. I will polish the surface out with wet 1000 to 2000 grit sanding pads. Make sure you have a good layer of primer before polishing, being careful to watch the corners so you don’t sand through. Next, I wipe on or spray a coat of Future before I decal. After decaling, another one or two coats of Future and you are done. Like the TS-26 Pure White the primer does not yellow. I use this method when I don’t want to loose surface detail. Here is my Beech 18 and Bronco done this way. Both were IPMS Natio
  6. It can be used without thinning. When it's hot out, I have been adding 10-15% of Mr. Color Leveling Thinner 400 to it sometimes. It has a retarder which slows the drying time so it will flow out and settle down. To de-cant (removing the paint from the spray can) I spray into a large glass jar with a paper towel over the top. Spray it at an angle on the side of the jar. Hold the jar at a 45 degree angle. With spraying out of the can, first "dust" a light coat on, wait about a minute and then add your next coats. Each one will be a little wetter than the next with no waiting in between.
  7. Vivek, The best I have found and use all the time is Tamiya TS-26 Pure White in the spray can. This stuff is idiot proof! It has a leveling agent in it, so it comes out like a glass marble. This is a synthetic lacquer, as are most of your primers, so you want to stay with the same type of paints to avoid any problems down the line. TS-26 doesn't yellow with age. For smooth models (Minicraft) I spray right out of the can. For Revell types with a lot of surface detail, I will de-cant the paint and use my airbrush. If you want the smoothest, whitest and easiest to use, you can't beat the T
  8. Tony, The Amercian titles are not faded, they have been striped and buffed out, leaving a brighter finish. The decals will give the same look. Tim
  9. Look at Tony Landis's poster of the aircraft, shows all the dates. Here's what I got from Tony yesterday, " I heard that SCA #905 will be heading to the paint shop later this year. They want it to look nice when they start making museum deliveries. I'm still trying to convince them to add all the ferry flight mission markings. We'll see...." Tim
  10. Hi group, The upgrade Hasegawa 747/Shuttle kit decal sheet is up on Ebay right now. This is redo of the kit decal sheet. This new sheet includes the mission markings, mounting doublers panels, American logo and the yellow NASA tail band for N905NA. Also has printed windows on the stripes. The American titles are a special printing. When applied on the natural metal they are seen darker or lighter than the natural metal base depending on what viewing or light angle. Really cool, works like the real thing. Thanks go out to Tony Landis for all his photo work helping out with this sheet! Ti
  11. Nice clean build! Don't forget the nav lights and antennas - got to be airworthy. Tim
  12. Thanks guys, But for the Black Hawks, looks like you need just the logos. Tim
  13. I have the MNFO Hueys on Ebay right now. They are in three scales Here's what the 1/48 sheet looks like. Tim Here's the link to some more too. http://shop.ebay.com/one911fan/m.html?_trksid=p4340.l2562
  14. Thanks guys for the info on the kits. DC-3 had the rear cargo door aft of the passenger door. All the other items were mixed and matched with different airlines, engines,cowls, etc. Tim
  15. Greetings all, Question to the group: Do any of the 1/72 DC-3/C-47 kits come with a passenger door? It looks like to get a left side pass door, I would need to get the OZ Mod passenger door replacement for my Italeri C-47. Is this my only option? Thanks, Tim
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