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  1. long time no see... anyhow I have question how to fill gap. Now I have use blue-tac, but I'm affraid that it will be harden during time and eventually fell of. Any idea?
  2. Question for those who can help Should I put small or bigger led balls to simulate oxygen bottles inside wings
  3. some work on wing... removed some part and put additional lead to imitate oxygen tanks... plan is to take some liquid putty and then paint...
  4. Hello, Well known Academy 1/48 Mig-21 Fishbed J Not so good pic...
  5. "Where apply a color, in this case the RLM 78, make two mixtures. One for lights and one for the shadows. The two with about 80% of thinner." Can you pls. explain this because I see 3 different colors.
  6. Finally finished, only armament left...
  7. Here is my problem that I can solve couple of days ... Due to future projects, namely Me-262, I tried to draw a little thin lines on a piece of plastic, but it certainly do not go, and I need advice on how and what. I use two AB with a 0.3 nozzle, the second with 0.2 nozzle... I can not draw a nice thin line, instead they are all somewhat messy, as spikes, I do not know how to describe it seems, as Liquid ... I've tried various combinations with paint/thinner ratio, as 50:50, 60:40 in favor of thinner, 70:30 in favor of thinner, 60:40 in favor of color, the pressure of 1 bar and 0.6 bar and 1.5 bar, but does not work... The literature I've seen that AB should be almost touching the surface to be pulled lines, but I have lines that a not thick an could form from distance of 4-5 cm distance. Help
  8. Hello, Here is my next project. Zvezda Su-30-kn I rescribed all panel lines and now I thinking about wheel bay Should I cut them out, and built new one from styrene, or just to put some wires in it Here is pic in progress.
  9. Only matt finish and it's all over.
  10. When a job comes to an end and the painting of missiles come, I immediately took sick. Is there someone a with a nice elegant and fine solution for the painting of missiles in a few colors of course. Body in one, the wing in second and the nose in the third color... I tried with masking tape, and it is hard work, time consuming and mostly nose of a missiles each an everyone is different because of oval shape (more precisely: How to mask nose of aircraft and missile and paint to perfect circle). Then I tried with Humbrol Mascol, but he sticks to the color under and knows to pill off color. So I'm again at the beginning ... Is there someone from a nice idea, principle, anything??
  11. I have Zvezda Su-30 KN 1/72 in positive panel lines. How can I easily change it to negative? I know I need to sand and scribe, but can I scribe near positive line, and then sand it, is it wrong?
  12. batana


    @Hawkeye's Hobbies I am sorry to disappoint you, because I didn’t receive anything from anyone outside of Serbia in my life. But I don’t understand why if I’m from Serbia, automatically mean that I want something to cheat??? I just want to find out best dimensions for styrene to buy, because on evergreen there is too much. But if it so difficult ok, just do not label me as a cheater. Batana
  13. batana


    I work plains in 1/72 and 1/48 scale, and plan to work armour in 1/35 scale. So, I need most usable styrene sheets, beems, and other stuff.
  14. I bought Zvezda Su-30KN 1/72, so I need help how to make it better, accurately correct in dimensions, and other... Any suggestions is welcome
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