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  1. I am presently downloading a whole host of huge pics to my Imgur albums all taken with my camera on Auto.Any out of focus pics are of my own doing not the camera.To get a huge pic press on the + button.
  2. JohnReid

    How to Build Aircraft Dioramas

    I am presently uploading a bunch of pics to my imgur albums of the 1:16th Model Airways kit that I modified extensively for use in my diorama "Keepers of the Flame 1919-1929".It is now an airshow airplane going to Hollywood for the movies. Click on pics for huge images that show all my mistakes.
  3. JohnReid

    How to Build Aircraft Dioramas

    Albatros getting wiped down after a test run.
  4. JohnReid

    How to Build Aircraft Dioramas

    Albatros getting wiped down after a test run. I wish that I could do that but because of my large size pics Imgur allows for only one at a time.I only found out today that in order to put the text in a pic that you must post the pic from Imgur with the text already in it.Otherwise, it can't be edited.
  5. OK, I just found a reference about using embedded youtube videos in posts.In Oct 2011 Flyingsnowmen said it would be unfair to use them due to the dailup users.Does this still apply?
  6. My tools for taking pics are simply these: A camera preferably with a stabilizer( especially for the old guys with shaky hands) set at Auto.I have had three Canon cameras over the years all point and shoot and have never had a problem. For lighting, I have just used a hand-held camera in one hand and the light I am using in the other.Mine is a cheap study type school light.This is especially useful when moving the light around to create shadows like I did with my dioramas in an enclosed environment.In an open environment when taking pics of a single subject, I do the same except I use fill lights and a single movable overhead light to create the shadows I want.When using LEDs I will use the same handheld light and just change to an LED bulb.Remember it is not the equipment but the cameraman that that is willing to experiment a bit that makes for great pics.I know that my background with relief carving it made it a little easier for me to find the shadows but this is something anyone can learn through your own experimentation.All of my figures, for example, were under painted only the rest is shadows.
  7. Pete, Hi! the problem is using Imgur I can only reduce the pic sizes one by one.I just found out this morning that to put text in an image I have to make sure that I include it in the original posting, that is not trying to edit it once the pic is posted.
  8. When I took up modeling seriously when I was 60(17 years ago).My time sure does fly.Anyway, I knew very little about modeling aircraft other than what I did as a child.I also knew nothing about taking pics so I just experimented over the years using simple tools and a camera set at auto.All of my 4,500 pics on Imgur were taken this way.I remembered when I took up carving years ago I went out and bought lots of tools and equipment that I never used so I wasn't about doing this again.I only bought what I needed at the time, which was surprisingly little.My finished Victory model pics were taken both with incandescent and led lighting.I didn't take many pics of the model in progress as pics were about a buck each then with no guarantee about how they turned out.
  9. A word about shadows. and using them your advantage.Lighting makes all the difference.A simple light above a carving makes it go from lackluster to great.I have a few pics of this somewhere in my computer and when I find them I will post them here.
  10. Lightbox lit up.The beauty of this is that you can move it around creating shadows for your piece.
  11. Here is a great light box for your models.Simple and easy to make and great for those on a limited budget. I hope that I am not breaking any rules by posting this here ? I have searched the FAQs here with no results.If so, Moderators please just remove it. The one thing I would add if you use tissue paper LEDs would be a lot safer.I have heard of an alternative to tissue paper I'll post it when I find it.
  12. I use the above as a fill light all by itself depending on the circumstances.It is great for lighting single models.
  13. Here is the strip rolled up inside the lightbox.It is quite safe as it generates very little heat.
  14. Thanks! it looks great.Cheers! John.