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  1. Are his pics avaible here anymore?
  2. Due to health issues I am not modeling anymore but I still contribute in other ways to the hobby. I am almost 80 now so I have had a nice long run at it. I have been thinking of replacing all those deleted pics that are still being held hostage by Photobucket.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Sheperd-Paine-Tribute-Page-530314440404342/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/Sheperd-Paine-Tribute-Page-530314440404342/
  5. I will be changing my MO for the next diorama of a 1:16th Wright Flyer which I probably will titled "New Beginnings" The first Flyer was successful as we all know but it was very unstable. It was wrecked on the beach at Kitty Hawk. Back in Dayton, they figured that they would try again, with pretty much the same design the "Wright Flyer 2". This time they would build a catapult to help them get airborne.Normally I put lots of detail into my dioramas but this time, I want to take the minimalist approach as I don't want anything to obstruct those beautiful wings. it will be all wood with no fitt
  6. I took a brief time out for doing a little model photography before winter sets in here in the GWN. I have taken the front hangar wall off for easy access in order to build a jig. The jig is a simple frame with the correct separation between the wings for rigging purposes.
  7. A while ago I built my version of a backyard flyer which was part of a Wright Flyer & Glen Curtiss design. I soon realized that I didn't want-to build the ribs at that scale and I ordered the Model Airways kit at a price that was cheaper than to farm it out to a laser company. The same is true of the Flyer 2 as the wings are almost identical to the Flyer so I bought another kit for the wings only. The Flyer 2 will be like my other "under construction"builds used mainly for the wings. It will be sitting on a jig just prior to rigging. The viewer finds it much more interesting this way
  8. I took a break from the Flyer for a while to do some pic taking before winter sets in here in the GWN. I have removed the front wall to make it easier to work on.
  9. The contrast in color inside and outside is quite noticeable in the right lighting. I wanted the front to have a more finished look.
  10. The shed is mostly planked but it is still off center to the base which I will fix tomorrow. The base is one solid piece of walnut that I have had just laying around the shop but it is very heavy and will require that it be removable. In other words, the base and diorama will be in two separate pieces.
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