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  1. Photo of Crusader buttonned up primed and base coat of white laid down. Base coat has highlighted a few areas that need addressing :( I want to get a really smooth finish on this bird and will try and follow what Paul Osborne did on HS with his build. I am still looking for the instruction sheet for the Microscale decals (1/48 F-8 Crusaders VMFA-321 & VMFA-451 Number 48-266). Any help with this would be appreciated :D
  2. Sorry no photo, but, F-8 is all buttoned up and painting has started. I have tiny problem that I was hoping someone could help me with. I was looking at the decal sheet and noticed that I did not have the instruction sheet. Does anyone have a copy (or know where I can get one) of the Microscale 1/48 F-8 Crusaders VMFA-321 & VMFA-451 Number 48-266 instruction sheet? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Gene. I was looking for some good walk around photo's of an F-4B :D
  4. Been working on the fuselage and trying to bring all the bits together. After a lot of shaping and sanding I have now got the basic shape as close as I am going to get it. Bump on the top is now gone... ......the gear doors are all closed - the doors were made to be displayed open and it took a lot of cutting, filling and sanding to get them to fit in the wheel wells..... ....the nose has been reshaped and front fuselage is a bit thinner. I have overlaid part of the photo with Detail and Scale drawing and side profile looks pretty close to me. Photo's showed that port side of nose ne
  5. Yes, you are quite right the K is based on the C and if I had a conversion kit it would be easier. I decided to go the DYI route with all the modifications to the Hasegawa's F-8E frame. So far I have been fine with the conversions, but, the canopy bit has me worried. I have thought about sanding and rescribing, but there is a hole in it for the IR sensor. I might have to try Vac form.
  6. Love the work. I have a few F-16's in my stash as well, but, building 3 at once
  7. I want to modify the front canopy on my Hasegawa F-8E but I am not sure how I go about it. The bit with the arrow needs to be removed and a new clear piece inserted to make the screen more correct for the F-8K I am building. I only have one canopy, so if I get it wrong I am....well you get the picture. I think I can use a sharp blade and slowly work on cutting area out, however, I am worried about cracking or scratching rest of the canopy. Also, is there a special glue to glue new piece in as I am worried that I won't get clear join and not sure how you would fix any mistakes. So are the
  8. I have not been able to get much done of late; however, finally managed to finish the cockpit. Given that this will be closed up I was not too fussy with detail. I just used kit parts and added some seat rails and a few boxes, wire etc onto the rear bulkhead. Tricky part (for me) was changing the radar screen from the rectangle shaped unit in the F-8E to the round one in a square box typical of the early F-8's and the K variant I am building. I had to cut the old radar out and make a new one out of styrene and stretched sprue. Had a few goes at it before getting something that I could l
  9. Two Hurricanes one old and one new done and dusted.
  10. Thanks everyone for the help. I spent quite a bit of time stirring the varnish in the bottle, then more time thinning and stirring what I needed in a separate container. Obviously this was not enough. Is there an better/easier product to use or is this what to expect with matt finishes?
  11. Has anyone out there used Humbrol Matt Cote? I tried using this product for the first time today. I airbrushed it on over a Future top coat that had cured for at least 24 hours. After thorough mixing in the bottle and thinning in a separate container it seemed to to go on ok; however, when it dried I ended up with little white spots all over the place which are quite noticable. Does anyone know why this happened and how I can stop this from happening in the future? Also is there any way of getting rid of the spots?
  12. Thanks Peebeep. Sky it should be then. Wish the coin came up heads not tails
  13. Thanks for the reply. My references showed that it probably started out silver then was painted some time the same as the bottom...date unknown. In the end I flipped a coin and went with silver, which added a bit of contrast. Almost done now and just waiting for the matt finish to dry.
  14. Paint on and mask off. Unfortunately the canopy on the old kit is a bit cloudy on the inside. There was a large gap between the canopy and fuselage so I used some gap filling cyano glue to fill the hole and glue the pieces together. I thought that the future covered canopy would be ok; however, it obviously wasn't. Not sure how I am going to fix that :( Decided to keep things going while I looked for a cheap solution for my $1 kit. So on with a coat of future and then the decals. After a good dose of Microsol another coat of future before moving on. Underside of the RAF Huricane....
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