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    Plastic model aircraft, military aviation, drinking, women, my cat, writing, music, baseball, hockey
  1. I fly a "mahogany bomber" for our national unemployment insurance program. I'll be back part time in a couple of weeks. Cheers, Peter Jane
  2. A CD of music composed by our own OBD, and a nice letter from him, too. (Jane is in the room!) Thanks, Jerry! We enjoy the picture too! Peter
  3. 98Phan


    I too will sing Kevin's praises to the heavens, or at least normal SR-71 flight levels! Thank you for being yet another decent ARCer! Should we ever meet face to face, Kevin, the first 6 are on me. Cheers, Peter Jane*Hi Sir Smithery, and Hi to Tilt and Scooby too!*
  4. Ken, I should see him tomorrow night, and will bring it to his attention. Peter
  5. Hi, I should be seeing the individual involved tomorrow night and will bring this to his attention. Cheers, Peter Jane *He should, you know.*
  6. Shucks, guys...thank you. I'm proud to be considered a good guy by each and every one of you. It is truly a humbling experience. We are holding out, thinking a little and drinking a lo...oops! drinking a little and thinking a lot. Everyone on this site watches out for each other. Some time ago, there was an argument (what else is new?) on another modeLling site Helpfully Stated. You may know it, the site where posters regularly attack the guy who set the site up in the first place! Anyway, he had mentioned registering, to cut down on the useless hit and run postings so prevalent there. Of course you had the "black helicopter guys", those who think that the X-Files was fact, doing the NRA thing "I'll register when you pry my computer out of my cold dead fingers!" There was a lofty statement about ARC by a guy whose tag is "modeldenizen", or something like that. Anyway, this "adult" bemoaned the fact that on ARC, there are people who just post to build up their post totals, and we talk about our pet's names and "crap like that"! I'm surprised that he didn't turn these people in to Tom Ridge. I also think that if he pulled the pool cue out of his dorsal orifice, he might actually start to enjoy life. Here on ARC we all do enjoy life. Thank you all for that. There should be a lot of mums smiling, because they did good! Thank you, dudes! Cheers, Peter Jane
  7. If he said he was trading you two Verlinden kits, then yes, a bad trader would be warranted, as he misrepresented one of them. Give him a bit more time to respond to your PM, though. Look at it this way. If he agreed to trade you a Hasegawa 1/48th A-7, and in fact sent you a Monogram A-7 instead, how would you react? Cheers, Peter Jane
  8. I got a Dragon 1/48th He162 from Pat Murphy, and 4 rare Luftwaffe decal sheets as a bonus. Thank you, Pat! The first 15 rounds are on me. Cheers, Peter :lol: Jane*Sigh!* :lol:
  9. I'd suck back a Tim's Xtra-Large with both phantom and Emil! (Sorry!) Great dudes, both of them. Cheers, Peter Montreuil (Yes, THAT Peter Montreuil) Jane*Sheesh!*
  10. This is my final word to you on the subject in this forum, Mr Ng. I emailed you last month to attempt to resolve the situation. I explained what had happened, and that I wanted to make amends to you. I offered you the YS-11 as a token of remorse, and explained that the other kits were at work, in my locker. Unfortunately I didn't keep any of your emails, but you dismissed my attempted atonement out of hand, stating that you'd "written off those kits years ago" and wishing me "luck". Those, IIRC, are direct quotes from your emails. We exchanged 3 emails last month, as I recall. You said nothing to indicate that you wanted to have any kind oif dialogue regarding the situation. By the way, you mentioned not being sure who "phrozen98phan@sympatico.ca was. When I emailed you the first time last month, I made it plain who I was. To now post sarcastic comments such as "I can't send that kit out for you to myself" frankly baffles me. As I said, this is my final word on this subject on this forum. You have my email address. Again, I thank my friends for their support, but please don't worry about this situation. Cheers, Peter Jane
  11. As I've previously stated, I made my belated attempt to resolve the situation, and was rebuffed by you. I regret that, as it was my intention to bring this matter to a close. I'm wondering why you didn't get back to me a couple of weeks ago. We had had an email dialogue, and when I mentioned that I was prepared to send you the YS-11 as a temporary paliative, you said that you'd had one and given it away. Actually, I've been "dressing myself" for almost a year now. I'm not quite sure what your "Does Jane know..?" has to do with the price of apples in Oregon, by the way. To my friends, I appreciate your defence. Thank you. Please consider the matter closed. Mr Ng has my email address. Cheers, Peter Jane*You never told me you had a duck!*
  12. First off, thanks to my friends who've stuck up for me. I truly do appreciate it. Yuk, I agree with some of your posting. However, I never recall hearing anything at all from you for quite some time. I do not recall you sending me any series of emails. When I finally contacted you, as I have my own Internet access at home now, I don't recall saying that I had been hit by the car just before I could mail you your kits. Nor do I remember saying that I had finally dressed myself the very day I emailed you. Your snide crack about "lo and behold...." is not only incorrect, it's also a pretty pathetic attempt at melodrama. I contacted you because I wanted to make the situation right. I explained to you that I was currently away from those two kits, and did offer something as a gesture in the meantime, a Bandai YS-11. You rather curtly dismissed me, saying you'd "written those kits off long ago", and wishing me "well". In fact, the kits are in my locker at work. The day of my accident, I lost my keyring as well as my employee ID and pass at the hospital. I need my key replaced before I can get into my locker. I have notified my boss, and Admin is working on that problem. I never siad I would mail them "WHEN" I return to work. I visit the office from time to time as I recuperate, and once I had the key, I would have been able to get into the locker. I'll now answer your question "...how many employers will allow you to keep personal items in your locker for years when you are no longer "actively" employed there?" An employer where you have worked for 27 years will, when you are on long term disability, will. For your information, my office, Office 2, sits waiting silently for me, a yellow rubber duck on the blotter holding down a sheet of paper with the words "I'll be Bach!" printed in my hand. I tried to make things up to you, but you appeared to be more interested in doing an electronic "Sack Dance" than resolution. I'm sorry. I'm not blameless here, BUT I would feel a lot worse about it if I hadn't contacted you and been rebuffed. By the way, for all the time you were "aware" of a "perp" fitting my description here on ARC, I never got an Email or a Personal Message from you of any kind. I'm sorry. I hope that others will continue to deal with me as they have in the past. I wish you luck and good fortune, Yuk. Cheers, Peter Jane*Sigh!*
  13. I can't say enough good things about breadboard. He's a good person, and will be getting some winged thingies when I'm out of this "Battle Of Leyte Gulf" I'm in right now. Cheers, Peter Jane *Hi Mr Hal!*
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