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  1. Beautiful Apache, thanks for sharing! I'm considering the same in 1/48, I hope it comes out as good as yours 🙂 Arnaud
  2. I did not mean at all to discourage you from getting and using one by the way, they are awesome tools! If your designs are relatively simple/large the learning curve is not that steep. It's all a matter of benefit/fun-to-cost ratio 🙂
  3. Plotters are very useful machines for masks and engraving guides, it takes quite a lot of practice/testing to get the settings right though so unless you build a lot it's easier to go through experienced users 🙂
  4. Hello, The horizontal stabs are still in progress as I'm lacking a couple of references to make them at the right level. I thus had to push them down the pipeline, which is pretty busy at the moment 😕 The good news is that I have identified a reliable source for the references I lack so it should not take too long before I can finalize them 🙂 Arnaud
  5. They will come (I have two 1/32 M2000s in the stash so I'll definitely make them ;)), just not this year. Too many projects, too little time 🙂
  6. I happen to have an F-117A in the stash so it might well be an option 🙂
  7. Beautiful work, I too look forward to the next steps! Arnaud
  8. I left some parts in my woodworking area for a while and that's exactly how they came out 😅
  9. Nice! Did you store your test mule in your woodworking area? 😋
  10. Thank you! Please note that the pre-order for the newly released 1/48 F-15EX conversion set for Revell-Monogram ends today 😉
  11. Wooooo the Tamiya 1/32 F-15E I ordered 3 months ago finally left Hong Kong yesterday, I should have it in 1-2 months - large scale F-15SG and EX are not so far in the future 🙂 In the meantime the the 1/72 F-15SG conversion set is available 😉
  12. Happy to please, the Caracal decals are too exciting to ignore - they just need the ASPI exhausts to make it possible to build the shark mouth schemes 🙂 Not likely in the short term as I don't have this kit 😕
  13. OK I got a little excited by this project and started working on it so it may come sooner than expected 🙂 The set will cover only the aft part of the engine (the forward part is the same so the excellent kit parts can be used) and will most likely by in two parts: the exhausts themselves on the one hand, the external cover on the other hand to make painting easier.
  14. I'll look into it then 🙂 The product development pipeline is pretty full right now but it will come at some point, probably early next year 🙂 I'm also planning on doing a AH-64WAH / AH-64DAH conversion set by the way, I've always wanted to build an hellenic Apache 😉
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