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  1. Exactly, one more picture to settle it once and for all. I will now remove your eroneous claims from BAM's FB page. You may not realize how much this kind of behaviour can hurt small producers but I wish you refrained from behaving like unless you had serious knowledge to back up your claims. For the record I noticed a flaw on one of my sets two months ago and sent a fully corrected set for free to all who had ordered it, so it's not like I'm not listening to feedback.
  2. It looks right to me, but if it looks wrong to you don't use AMK's on your build 😉
  3. Hi Brad, Haneto did it some time ago, I'm not sure if it is still available? Arnaud
  4. I'm afraid they are quite different. I'm considering adapting the sets for the GWH kit but it would be quite an extensive process, not sure if it's worth it... The sets were originally meant to give a second life to the Hasegawa kits a lot of people have in their stash 😄
  5. Just when I said the ACTIVE and Phoenix Eagles were our last releases before the summer, I decided to complete another project, NASA's F-15SBRDC/ECANS 😅 The NASA Eagles series is now complete I believe, you can build any of the aircraft provided in the Caracal sheet (plus the SBRDC/ECANS, for which I'll provide the vertical stab badge, all other markings are on the Caracal sheet) https://bam-models.com/product-category/f-15/
  6. In the meantime we're glad to announce our last two releases before the summer break, the super agile F-15 ACTIVE and the Phoenix-carrying F-15B (Phoenix Missile Hypersonic Testbed)! https://bam-models.com/product-category/f-15/ Set contents: Set contents (Phoenix missile not included, there are plenty available out there from Tamiya, AMK, etc)
  7. Thanks for your input Nebbor. You can reach me at arnaud@bam-models.com if the ARC box is full 😉 I'd be happy to adapt the QF-4 sets to the Hasegawa kits. The truth is I can't find a single slatted kit though, and I won't release a set I can't thoroughly test fit. The only Hasegawa Phantom I could find is an RF-4E and I don't think it has the same fuselage parts as the F-4E so I can't use that either 😞 Arnaud
  8. The Revell kit is better: sharper casting, better fit. The HB kit is a knock-off of the Revell kit. The main advantage of the HB kit is that it's easily available, especially the B version which is very hard to find in the Revell range nowadays
  9. Slightly different. The most visible one is the landing gear, which is much stronger/bigger on the M. https://omnirole-rafale.com/differences-entre-le-rafale-marine-et-air/ Arnaud
  10. NASA F-15B #836 carried the Phoenix, a beautiful scheme for an interesting payload 🙂 This can now be built with this Caracal sheet and the newly released BAM48036 set! https://bam-models.com/product-category/f-15/
  11. Awesome, thanks for sharing the colours with the rest of us! Arnaud PS I totally fell in love with MRP, they're so nice to spray
  12. We will be closed from July 20th until end of August, all orders placed before July 20th will ship before the break 😉 Enjoy the break if you're lucky enough to have one 😎, Arnaud
  13. Intake covers are now released at BAM Models, on which you can lay down CDB48010 decals 😉 Relatively simple geometry but actually hard to scratch-build as the kit intake shape is not an exact parallelogram and the handles have funny recesses at their base - 3D scanning saved the day to get the shape right! https://bam-models.com/product/1-48-f-22-intake-covers/
  14. Honza's stuff is awesome to upgrade your Eagle's exterior. You would need the PASS upgrade indeed. Quinta's gives you only the IP (in their nice colour 3D prints) and coaming, BAM gives you a bit more, in particular the new JFS exhaust and the JHCMS Magnetic Tracking Unit. The BAM wheels are only for two-seaters (F-15C wheels are a bit slimmer although the difference is small). I don't believe anyone makes modern F-15C wheels so I might do them sometime soon 🙂 Recent F-15Cs are often seen with the Legion pod, sometimes with the Dragon's Eye pod - both availa
  15. I freaked out when I saw your order, I hope you like them!!
  16. Not anytime soon, that's more up @Floyd S. Werner, Jr.'s alley 😉
  17. Thanks! The ASPI exhausts are now released, divided into 3 parts to make painting easy 🙂 https://bam-models.com/product-category/ah-64/
  18. V2 + Some additional (non specified yet) schemes Here is Brian's official communication: "Good morning Aviators! With the release of TOPGUN Maverick and the overwhelming amount of requests for this sheet, we are doing a reprint/redo. Mixing up a few things to include the new Maverick Tomcat and some other recent Adversary paint schemes. No release date yet but trying to have it back for IPMS NATS at the end of July. Have a Bandit day."
  19. The V3 is due for release soon according to Fightertown's FB page, bad times for decal speculators I guess 😄
  20. Beautiful build, super clean paint job too 🤩 Arnaud
  21. Fantastic work, congratulations on finishing the very first EX model I know of!! Arnaud
  22. There you go, prototype fresh out of the printer 😉. Full set should be available by end of next week, I'll post an announcement on BAM Models's ARC page 🙂 Arnaud
  23. I'm back from the movie theater, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Yes there are a couple of inconsistencies but it's technically excellent overall and the scenario is very well done, sufficiently different that it's not a remake and yet sufficiently close to maintain the Top Gun spirit. And as a bonus the first thing my son asked once out was "did you not have decals to make Maverick's Super Hornet"? 🤩 (I do have the excellent Fightertown sheet 😅) Go and enjoy! Arnaud
  24. They are excellent in quality but generic: replicating the rivet pattern of the Hind would take ages 😕
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