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  1. Thank you Rob, soo useful. The kit's bay shape is quite wrong, something I overlooked at first but now I can't say I don't know As it comes in the box, note the sharp angles, as if the Reaper was a stealth fighter :) After modification, the outline is much smoother And I added the inner center beam Next time I'll do this before I join the fuselage, this was a bit annoying at this late stage but well worth the effort, thanks Rob again for the input! Arnaud
  2. While the kit seems to give a great rendition of the (very large!) Reaper, it suffers from three main issues: Poor main landing gear bay, totally open in its rear part so one can see the inner part of the model if left as is No engine intake/exhaust, with the same consequence: the inside remains fully visible if left as is Injection issues (sink marks) - a bit on the fuselage, a lot on the wings For the landing gear bay, limited documentation is available and it's not so visible after assembly so I simply added plasticard: For the inlet/exhaust, the geometry was too complex for my scratch-building skills so it was a perfect occasion to test my new 3D printer :) Finally, the sink marks were simply filled and sanded 😉 Cheers, Arnaud
  3. Hello, I just received the new 1/48 Kinetic MQ-9, actually the original SkunkModelWorks with new decals. I will build it as one of the recently armed Reapers deployed by the French Armée de l'Air in Niger in support of Operation Barkhane. More specifically it will be 709-EH-132 Arnaud
  4. If the markings are large you might be better off using masks cut on a plotter (e.g. Silhouette) - see an example here, just for your information 😉 Arnaud
  5. Hello, Would anyone have the decal sheet of the GWH/Platz 1/48 F-15J they're not using? Quite happy to trade with Two Bobs F-15C schemes or Fightertown/Furball F-14 🙂 Thank you, Arnaud
  6. Beautiful work! Which software/printer did you use? Arnaud
  7. Beautiful work as ever Gianni, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to seeing this one complete! Arnaud
  8. I should receive my kit (1/48 F-16C Block 25/32 boxing) in the next 2-3 weeks, I'll build it in flight so the LG parts are yours if you want them. PM me 😉 Arnaud
  9. Beautiful work, I love the black finish thanks for sharing! Arnaud
  10. Thank you so much, super helpful!! Now I can complete my F-15C 😃 Arnaud
  11. I got my first MRP bottles a couple of weeks ago. Extremely nice, consistency is perfect for airbrushing straight out of the bottle. Be very careful with the plastic "drop couting" tops (white) though, mine send droplets everywhere everytime I close them - just be careful not to have any painted model around when you do that 😬. Pity because it's much easier to measure volumes than with the other, normal (black) bottle tops. I don't know why they have two different types by the way 🤔 Arnaud
  12. Fully agree with Jackman, the Hasegawa 1/72 Tomcat new mold kits build into a beautiful representation OOB. An added bonus is that they reboxed it a zillion times with very good decals most of the time, covering many, many liveries/squadrons. Arnaud
  13. Hello, Would anyone know how to easily differentiate between a CATM-7 and a CATM-120? From my extensive Google research it seems CATM-7s don't have fins while CATM-120s do but I'm not sure and the diameter looks fairly similar. The idea is to model the load configuration below: Which CATM is on the foreground? Thank you!! Arnaud
  14. Would anyone know how to reach PitRoad? I'm after a replacement sheet for their re-boxed 1/48 GWH F-15J SNG02, tried sending an email to GWH without any reply 😞 Thanks, Arnaud
  15. Hello, Would anyone have a set of F-15J aggressor decals? I'd be quite happy to trade them for my TwoBobs F-15C aggressor (digital or Fresco) decals 🙂 Thanks, Arnaud
  16. Beautiful buid, the green windshield looks brilliant! How did you do it? Thanks for sharing, Arnaud
  17. You can get F-15C or E stencils for pretty cheap in the discount section of TwoBobs, or Caracal has a stencil-only sheet for the F-15E http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p521.html http://caracalmodels.com/cdb48006.html F-15C: http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p671.html http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p252.html
  18. Beautiful work Gianni, as usual it's hard to tell it's 1/72! 🧐 Arnaud
  19. Fantastic work Gianni. I'm fine thank you, I hope you are OK too although France is now on the same path as Italy 😞
  20. Beautiful work Gianni, nearly there!!! Arnaud
  21. Very informative, thanks for sharing your knowledge Gabor! Arnaud
  22. Thank you Steve. I did not mean to challenge your knowledge in any way, it just looked too strong an effect to be a sunlight thing. I'm indeed building a 389th Strike Eagle, which is how I came across this effect 🙂 Arnaud
  23. Thanks Steve, the tint seems to extend well beyond the HUD though. Weird 🤔
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