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  1. Hello, I have taken a long time off of building and am looking to get back in the hobby. I have built just about every 1/48th scale kit offered by Monogram over the years so I am used to a challenge. When I decided to get back in the hobby I settled on building in 1/72 mainly for display purposes. I bought a Revell 1/48 F-18E to get my feet wet and that build is progressing nicely. (Great kit, BTW) Now that I am kind of comfortable with building again I want to get started in my new scale. So here is my question- I want to start off with a 1/72 Buccaneer. I know about the Airfix kit (and its problems) but is the Czech kit that much of an improvement? In other words, is it $100 better than the Airfix kit? BTW I have some experience in resin from a few Sci Fi kits years ago so resin isn’t a problem. Is there a 3rd kit out there that I do not know about? Thanks!
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