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  1. Yufei, I knew you were going to make a smashing 2019 entry !!! it's a pleasure to see your posts
  2. Hi, I look forward to the progression of your models
  3. Your project is very interesting, I wanted to launch this challenge, the first production of the kinetic kit, mixes UB academy + kinetic, lack of time unfortunately ! the cut of aca associated with kinetic is good idea ? can the mix of the HB Su-30 MKK + kinetic can give the same result, that your project, knowing that the canopy of UB academy is under sized, I would like to know, how did you make the cut of the two kits to paste them? knowing that there is a difference of a few millimeters between the two !! send more photos of the rest of your work, bravo
  4. ching kuo

    Kamov Ka-52 Alligator 1/48th Conversion

    Fully agree
  5. ching kuo

    AW129D Mangusta

    Happy new year 2019 for everyone , the rendering is perfect !! I hope they will have enough kits for all , let us know, I want to be among the first buyers
  6. Hello everyone, very good news, the "1/48 Ka-52 conversion kit for Ka-50 ITALERI " is available at Neomega, I just I just bought one : https://www.neomega-resin.com/kamov-ka-52-alligator-148th-conversion-984-p.asp
  7. just produce to sell, it is sad !!
  8. ching kuo

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 "Fullback"

    Good job, it's a pleasure for the eyes
  9. ching kuo

    AW129D Mangusta

    the kit is ready? I put money for two kits
  10. ching kuo

    AW129D Mangusta

    Hy Raptor71 let us know, I'm buying you , two
  11. ching kuo

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Anyway , one day or another, this kit will be released !! they will sell the project to the highest bidder, which I find weird is the "silence radio" of HB / Trumpi for their kit Su-33 / J-15 ??? I feel a MIC MAC with AA, it's just a guess