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  1. Great to be back! Thanks for all of the hard work you went through to resolve the issue.
  2. Thanks for posting this Don. I really enjoyed the read.
  3. I built the Lindberg kit when I was a kid. It was quick and easy to build and gave me many hours of happiness running the motorized model in our swimming pool. Detail, not much of that. I would recommend the Revell or Tamiya kits.
  4. I have been away from both the hobby and ARC for sometime now. I just came across this very sad news. I never really had the opportunity to meet Rick but I was a huge fan of his work. Browsing through the internet 15 or 16 years ago brought me to ARC and Rick's builds of Canadian subjects. Viewing his work inspired me to get back into this hobby that I enjoyed so much when I was younger. Thanks Rick for the inspiration. You will be sadly missed by so many you inspired. My condolences to his family and good friends. Rob
  5. I to am guilty of not posting very often. I truly love the hobby as well as this forum. Unfortunately, that darn work thing keeps getting in the way of building.
  6. Those all bring back some childhood memories. :lol: As a parent I have un-controllably blurted out a few of those to my kids. Worst part was, I could never keep a straight face!
  7. Geeze, I'm really sorry to hear about your misfortunes Jennings. That is more than one can handle. I wish you all the best in the New Year!
  8. Many of the team Canada players could have played much better than they did. I guess we'll have to wait until next year when the tournament will be held in Montreal. I'll watch the Gold medal game but I really don't have a favorite. It should be a really good game based on the play of both teams throughout the tournament.
  9. When I was a kid my dad would bring home a model to help pass the time when I was home sick from school. That gave me the modelling bug which I carried into my teens. Occasionally I would buy myself a model when I was in my early 20s but got right back into it in my early 30s. Getting married and having kids modelling gave me something enjoyable to do instead of going out all the time. I love the hobby and tried to pass it on to my kids but no luck. Maybe it'll be something they will come back to at one point in their lives.
  10. I made a point of getting up early to watch the game. Doesn't look good Canada.
  11. Wow, that is one fast build!! Sure came out nice. Great job!
  12. This was on the TSN website. The International Ice Hockey Federation will conduct a disciplinary hearing with Sweden's Jesper Pettersson on Sunday morning at 8:30am local time (2:30am ET).
  13. The Finns played a great game against Canada. (Full Credit for their effort) I do think Canada played a flat game though. As already mentioned the Finns shut Canada's offense down completely with a well executed game plan and discipline. I'm looking forward to watching both medal games now. It might be a little tough for me to be up watching at 6 am though. :wacko:
  14. Great start Ian. The scribing work you have done looks very clean.
  15. The World Junior Tournament is my favorite hockey event every year. It's a great opportunity to see the best young hockey players in the world before they go pro. To Scooby's point, the NHL does a very poor job officiating making inconsistent calls game to game. The other thing I find disappointing is the lack of effort many players exhibit once they get their multi-million dollar contracts. The junior players play hard to display their talents which is more entertaining. Being Canadian I have to cheer for Canada. Just watching the Sweden/Russia game now. Good close end to end hockey!
  16. Well, I have been able to overcome my fear of sanding out the seam on the canopy. I'll post some pictures later but I am happy the way it has turned out. Looks like we have a couple of Artic Bandits in the Black, White and Grey color scheme already so I am going to do this one in the Blue and Grey scheme. I have two choices of aircraft to choose from with the kit supplied decals 298 and 335. I'll pick one of the two in the next couple of days.
  17. Thanks for the tip about the fuselage Alf. I have this kit as well and if I can manage to get my F-16 done I am thinking of building this kit for the GB. Looks like you are off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing more.
  18. Hi all, I was able to get started on the model I chose for the Bad Boys group build. I bought this Hasegawa kit and Black Box cockpit 5 or 6 years ago and have been looking for the right excuse to get it started. All honesty, the fact that I have to sand the seam out of the canopy has kept me away from this kit. So it is time to take a dive and see what I can do with it. Wish me luck! :) I started by cutting away at the Hasegawa cockpit to fit the Black Box cockpit. I had to do quite a bit of sanding to the bottom of the cockpit tub to allow a good fit between the fuselage. Here are a cou
  19. I would like to enter with a Hasegawa F-16C Fighting Falcon Alaska (18AGRS USAF). The kit will be built mostly OOB but I am going to use a Black Box cockpit. My success has been very limited building for a GB but my New Year Resolution is to complete at least one build.
  20. I'm afraid I am going to have to withdraw my entry in this group build. While applying the decals to the driver and car they just disintegrated. Just my luck! Very disappointing to say the least. I not completely throwing in the towel on the build, I'll look to see if I can find a replacement decal set. Sorry everyone!
  21. Sorry to hear you had to spend your Christmas in the hospital. I wish you a quick recovery.
  22. Very nicely done Paul. Thanks for sharing.
  23. I wish I had got a better look at them but looking up through the trees all I could tell is they were F-18s. I kinda thought it could be training exercises as well because they were flying very low. They seemed to go by around 1 pm each day, so I went and sat at the lake a couple of times to see if I could get a better look but they never came. :(
  24. In August my wife and I spent a great week camping at Taidnapam Park located on Riffe Lake in Washington State. One day while I was trying to organize the back of my pickup truck I heard the un-mistakable sound of a fighter jet approaching. Looking up through the trees I saw 2 F-18s scream by. During the week we were there we saw the F-18s 2 more times. When I came home I tried to determine where they would have come from but really couldn't confirm a location. Any ideas?
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