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  1. To throw out an opinion of someone that's primarily a lurker: this kit's a hard pass. For me it's up there with Kinetic's droopy nose F-16 as a never buy. I can't un-see the misshapen aft sides and to be specific it's the slope outboard of the vertical tails that makes the sides look pinched to me. I don't see the problem in the top view some have brought up, I think it may be a symptom of the slope issues. I only build 1/48 Korean War and newer. I have a stash of a couple hundred kits ranging from full resin and old Esci with plenty of modern plastic. There's way more than I'll probably ever finish, so I'm a bit selective about adding kits to the pile. I have a finished Monogram F-14 on the shelf with Tamiya and Hasegawa F-14s in the stash, so buying another for the stash should blow away what I already have. If shape errors are significant enough that I see them (and I'm no F-14 expert) without red lines all over photos that's a deal breaker. For anyone at AMK that may read this: I've bought a couple of your kits that haven't been kitted recently or ever by someone else (L-29, Fouga Magister) just because they were unique. I opted for the Kinetic Kfir over the AMK because of shape issues. If you want to sell kits to someone like me, produce something no one else has produced, not something everyone seems to make like another F-104. If you are going to be 2nd or 10th to market with a plane it better be right.
  2. There is a family exemption to child labor laws, so most rules don't apply.
  3. Battle Damage Repair. Old airframes are turned over for training ground crew on proper techniques for repairing damage. You can spot survivors by having all sorts of odd patches all over the airframe.
  4. Never heard of it. I googled it and the ebay auctions I saw use Wingman's photo of their conversion.
  5. KursadA's link for the colors with CIELAB values was dead when I posted this. I'm guessing this is the same document: https://ereverra.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/ere_copie_couleurs_reference_def_fr.pdf
  6. Those are F-15E CFTs on a F-15C. I'd guess the old CFTs from the 80s have either been scrapped or were in too poor a condition to use.
  7. Not that I've ever heard of and I think I've got every bit of aftermarket that's ever come out for a standard C-130H over the last 20 years.
  8. Probably not. AIM-120 wasn't flown operationally until Desert Storm in 1991, so no reason to mount LAU-128s until then.
  9. Yesterday the USAF clarified that they were the base JASSM and not the ER version. https://www.airforcetimes.com/flashpoints/2018/04/19/pentagon-corrects-statements-about-air-to-surface-missile-f-22-roles-in-syria-strike/
  10. I bought a SBS Models for the AA kit I have in the stash. It looked about right compared to the few photos I found online and info on the plane is so rare, who's going to call you out if it's wrong? I haven't tried building it yet. I also read the Pakistan put in a Martin Baker ejection seat. I'd have to dig though my references at home to figure out which version. https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48025/mig-19-pm-cockpit-set-for-trumpeter-kit
  11. I got a newsletter from Arma Hobby yesterday saying the Attack Squadron line had been sold to Brengun, so their stuff may return in the near future.
  12. F/A-18 and most aircraft with nose gear launch bars do rotate with the lower strut. Back when I was in school (aerospace engineering) I we had a presentation by McDonnell Douglas engineer on the original F/A-18. He had slow motion videos from carrier qualification trials of intentionally lined up crooked cat shots and rolled or yawed arrested landings. It was all about figuring out the limits.
  13. This is where I got it a couple years ago: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Dog-1-48-Sikorsky-HH-60J-Jayhawk-US-Coast-Guard-Detail-Set-Italeri-A48010-/182105487845?hash=item2a665539e5
  14. I'd google reviews, if you want to buy something. But if you want opinions from the peanut gallery: 1) My company farms out IT support and the contractor uses Webroot SecureAnywhere. I have no complaints. We travel world wide and the only person to get a virus is our barely computer literate president while in China and this was on his personal Suface Pro tablet, that I'm not sure is even managed by our IT support contractor. 2) For anti-virus I just use the builtin free Windows Defender and have never had a virus. At home I'm mostly concerned about malicious code picked up surfing. I use a layered approach, some of it's good habits (keep up with patches, don't open email from unknown sources), some of it's software. My Asus router has "AiProtrection by Trend Micro" this provides network security tools to audit your router configuration and most important to me is the Malicious Site Blocking which will just not allow computers on my network to connect to some websites. Next I use the AdBlock plugin for chrome and make sure the chrome Advanced setting "Protect you and your device from dangerous sites" is active. Again this is more web filtering. If I'm in full paranoia mode, I turn on a VPN connection to make it look like I'm connected somewhere in eastern Europe and turn on a black list filter or just use tor browser. In case I do get an infection, one of the router features is supposed to prevent it spreading on my LAN and I don't keep anything on my laptop. Anything worth keeping is either in the cloud or on a NAS on my LAN that has it's own antivirus app that runs nightly quick scans and weekly deep scans. Lastly I manually run a full Defender scan and Malwarebytes scan if my laptop seems to be behaving oddly.
  15. I may be mistaken, but I thought most PC speakers were self powered and the output from the PC was line level. So a 75watt speaker would have a built in amp rated at 75 watts and wouldn't rely on the sound card at all.
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