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  1. @BillS The tape the Navy used went on clear and yellowed to almost brown with exposure to sunlight. You still find something similar in use on a lot of civilian planes. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/b40069165/
  2. The 1/48 V-22 is underserved by aftermarket. There has never been much for it. Beside the Black Dog parts, Lone Star Models sells what was originally a Cobra Company V-22 detail set. It's mainly a cockpit and interior details, but comes with a new piece to correct the shape of the hump just aft of the wings.
  3. There have been a few Hasegawa "Misawa" kits. The first couple from the '90s were Block 30 NSI planes, but these are rare today. Around 2000 Hasegawa came out with their "2nd Generation" F-16s that added new sprues to cover the Big Mouth/GE planes as well as other updates for later Block aircraft like heavyweight landing gear and bulged doors. Kit 07232/PT32 F-16CJ "Misawa Japan" has been Hasegawa's standard catalog F-16C for some time and it's got all the parts for a proper Block 50 along with HARMS and the HTS. So it's one of the few Hasegawa kits that has a full weapon's lo
  4. What are you talking about? It's as common as any Trumpeter kit. All you have to do is actually go look for one if you want one. Currently in stock at SprueBrothers and HobbyLinc and about 40 on e-bay with several for less than US retail if you can wait for shipping from China.
  5. Kinetic has a sprue FF that they include in several kits when they want to include Sparrows, F/A-18, F-104S, Taiwan F-16 and probably more. It's one Sparrow and 501 pylon. Lots of people probably get them in kits that don't need the pylons. From Kit 48055 Taiwan Block 20 F-16A
  6. My experience was the Aires wheel wells were more trouble than they were worth. The nose well is difficult to get thin enough to fit and main was too small in length and width. I had to shim it in all directions to even get it to touch plastic. And to be honest once I build a plane it sits on a shelf and I rarely look underneath. The Hasegawa kit was the best F-16 available until the Tamiya kit came out. The engineering on the Tamiya kit is a notch below their F-14 or F-4B, but still better than most kits you'll find. People complain about ejector pin marks in bad spots and cleani
  7. I lived in several small towns in Missouri growing up in the '70s. All I had came from Wal-Mart or JC Penney. 1/48th Monogram airplanes became my favorite and I still only build 1/48. I think I built everything in the line before I could drive. I remember one trip when I was around 12-13 (1980ish) to my grandmother in San Diego and my aunt was dating a guy that built models. They took me to my first real hobby shop. Blew my mind. I remember begging for a ton of stuff I'd never seen before. My dad let me get Tamiya Sherman and Tiger kits. These were the first Tamiya tanks I'd ever
  8. It is a Type 102 Total Air Temperature (TAT) probe. It's a extremely common and been around since the '60s
  9. I'm not aware of there being two different FAST packs. To me the FAST pack was the early tank with the 4 air-to-air missile stations. Sometimes used by the 57th FIS based in Iceland or the IDF. I thought these were the same design, or are you telling me there were two variants of the air-to-air style conformal tank? These are the ones that I would suggest as a product. They cannot be found outside of the Hasegawa F-15E kits. I'd like to build a 57th FIS F-15C with Fast Packs and 4 Sparrows mounted to it. I consider a F-15 CFT the later F-15E conformal tank with up to 6 BRUs a
  10. @arnobiz I'm wondering if you ever considered F-15 FAST packs? I'd like them to fit a Hasegawa F-15, but sized to fit the GWH would probably be more marketable, no idea if the same would fit both. They are useful for some USAF F-15C/Ds or in Israeli service. In 1/48 the only ones I know of are in some early boxings of Hasegawa's 1/48 F-15E. I was working to get a pair from another member and then he quit responding to messages.
  11. From https://skyhawk.org/article/douglas-a4-skyhawk-production-history If you have the 1/48 Hasegawa kit it has different parts on the nosewheel for the steering system differences and the panel lines for the spoilers can be scribed or cut to make them stand out. I don't know the that ejection seat differences would be noticeable. There were also the "Super Fox" A-4Fs fitted with the more powerful J52-P408 engine and enlarged inlets, but this was an Adversary aircraft mod and not something you would find in an operational squadron plane.
  12. The Minibase kit was announced as a Taiwanese Block 20 A/B and Minibase has not yet announced any other variants AFAIK. So, it will still probably need some aftermarket to match the different US & European configurations. But the CAD for their tail looks better, if anything, maybe too narrow.
  13. It's out of production, so e-bay is your best bet or you get lucky and find one in stock somewhere. I've been looking for a couple months now, it's on my "grab if I see it list". Otherwise you have to start looking for alternatives.
  14. All the info I've seen on who uses what pod, which one is better or even which models are in use typically date from message board posts from 10-15 years ago when these pods were going into widespread service. Nowadays it doesn't seem to be as well defined. Photos are really the only way to know for sure what someone flies with. It really only seemed like when Sniper and LITENING were competing for new sales in the early '00s did anyone talk about capabilities and updates and the alphabet soup of models. ATP, XR, SE, etc. I doubt the current pods are identical to the ones fielde
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