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  1. I went through this a few years ago and ended up using a mix of MRP, AK Real Color, Hataka Orange Line and a some Tamiya. At the same time I started using primers. I used to just lay down MM enamels on bare plastic, but I'd read most of the newer paints really needed primers to adhere well. The primers have given me more grief than the paints. Mr. Surfacer and Tamiya Fine Surface Primer seems to be the only reliable ones I've used. The "airbrush ready" primers I've tried seem to gum up in the airbrush as often as they spray. Tamiya Surface Primer White is the only white I've ever
  2. https://skyhawk.org/article/douglas-a4-skyhawk-production-history It's not really possible to turn an A-4F into an A-4M without a conversion kit. Look at the shape of the canopy and it's frame outline. Early A-4s (including the F) all share the early style canopy. A-4M and the variants derived from it (A-4N, A-4KU) have a larger different style canopy. This changes the fuselage shape around the canopy. You can still find the Hasegawa A-4M for a reasonable price either on e-bay or in some online shops. A-4M and some A-4Fs (Super Fox) have a larger inlet that I don't think
  3. I quit unwrapping new purchases at least a decade ago to try to force myself to finish already started kits. Earlier this year, I had to rearrange stuff in various closets throughout the house to free up space for more kits in the stash closet. I track my stash in a spreadsheet and I've started about 50 out of 275 kits. Around 100 are still shrink wrapped, the rest are open, but still not otherwise started. They vary from new kits that arrived without shrink wrap, to some pretty ragged e-bay purchases that while not started are in pretty poor shape with crushed or water damaged bo
  4. AMK Facebook works for me: https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemodelkits Scalemates has the F-14D re-release as a SIO Models https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sio-models-k48003-f-14d-super-tomcat--1437463
  5. I'm waiting for the sprue shots of this kit to see if Trumpeter just acquired the Annetra molds.
  6. How common was the triple rail Maverick launcher in practice? We seem to get this thrown in kits all the time which is fine for an airshow load, but we rarely get the single rail launcher. I can't find a photo of a F-4G lugging a pair of these around in the air. The closest I found was one photo of an Iranian F-4E lifting off with a slant two load (inboard empty) and 3 fuel tanks. The single rail launcher seemed to be used more often on the F-4G with ARMs outboard and a CL fuel tank. Another option that looked common was a pair of CBUs on a TER on the inboard stations.
  7. I don't really know much about the F10, but with a little Googling: Desert Storm is too long ago for -229 engines to be in service and wasn't used in F-15Cs anyway. However, there is another variant that was in use then, F100-PW-220. Some were new, some were built with upgrade kits for the the -100. I've seen 1992 as a entry to service date for the -229 and 1986 for the -220. I don't know how long it took for the fleet to upgrade, but I would expect that the 58th would have been towards the front of the queue. I would lean toward the 58th being equipped with -220 engines by the t
  8. Put four sprue gates per door near the corners of the door and move the ejector pin location to the sprues close to the part instead of on the part.
  9. Corogard was a clear epoxy with aluminum powder mixed in. It was a somewhat shiny metallic silver when new, but would fade to a dull gray. The yellow leading edge you see on US Navy planes is a tape that is clear when new, but UV causes it to yellow. @USAFsparkchaser Do you have a picture that shows what you are talking about? I'm not aware of anything specific the USN applied around panels. Corrosion control could use just about any color of paint for touch ups.
  10. From the previous thread the consensus seemed to be that it could go either way. Gray seemed common, but there were also numerous images where they appear white.
  11. Wolfpack reboxed the 1/48 Kinetic kit https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48094-t-45c--1350795/timeline
  12. The RAM tape color has been a much closer match for a few years
  13. I know the LANTIRN targeting pod has been superseded by LITENING and SNIPER. But the nav pod seems like it's always stayed the same. Is this still the same pod that was introduced in the late '80s? Has it been through any upgrades? I would think as a minimum it would need some updates just to replace out of production obsolete parts. Also is the nav pod still in use at all for Block 40 F-16s? I seem to only see modern F-15Es with the pod.
  14. They're Russian, so sanctions may have knocked them offline.
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