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  1. I don't know the answer to your question, but I was curious. My understanding is ATARS can be fitted relatively quickly to any F/A-18D built after a certain serial number, so cockpit changes would have to be minimal. I did find this article related to the BB cockpit set for general corrections (assuming it's the one you have). I also ran across this 1/32 conversion that has a new side console listed as a "ATARS Control Panel"
  2. You could always buy some aftermarket
  3. See if this works better. Otherwise Google SDT ACMI. It's a Turkish made ACMI pod. Your original picture was of a Turkish F-16 in a gallery of Turkish F-16s many of the photos in that gallery show them carrying it with a CATM AIM-9 on the opposite side. It's also being carried on an older style rail that I've only ever seen associated with AIM-9 carriage, never AIM-120. Overall dimensions look similar to an AIM-9 to me, but the bands around the pod seem to be more prominent. Turkey also does not use AIM-132 or IRIS-T.
  4. @Pappy121 I would guess it's this Turkish made ACMI pod.
  5. @Solo Here's a different angle on a different pylon to show another variation
  6. Looks like the BRU-32/ADU-703 is present in this photo
  7. Have you checked the news lately? Russian is a pariah. The banking sanctions are designed to make it difficult to move money in or out of Russia so just ordering a restock may be impossible. On top of that a lot of shipping companies have already cut off service to/from Russia. Quinta themselves may also have problems obtaining raw materials due to the same issues.
  8. The zig-zags are RAM to cover panel seams. At model scales they shouldn't be thick enough to stand out from the surrounding surface. The model companies have exaggerated their molding on most kits. Some people sand down the ridges to tone down the effect. I would prefer to see these as just decals. Early build F-35s had a noticeable difference in color between the RAM and the basic camouflage colors. Newer aircraft have been built with a closer color match, but there is still usually a difference in sheen with the RAM ranging from nearly invisible to standing out depending on th
  9. I'm pretty confident that as long as the molds exist, someone will figure out how to make money off them. It just may take a while. When I got into this hobby in the late '70s ESCI kits were incredibly rare in the local mom and pop stores that were really all I had in my area. After ESCI went bankrupt in the late '80s, it was almost like they never existed. I probably spent 15 years looking for a 1/48 Mirage F1. When e-bay came around I spent absurd amounts of money tracking down some of these old ESCI's kits of planes no one else made. ESCI's 1/48 European fighters like the Mira
  10. Add VMFA-314 to the list, they transitioned to the F-35C over the last year.
  11. It's archived in the Wayback machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20160303045505if_/http://www.philsaeronauticalstuff.com/f11f/f11f.html
  12. Sounds like your old compressor has a leak. For a new compressor I would suggest a silent compressor designed for use with an airbrush or CO2. I switched to CO2 almost 20 years ago. In my case the CO2 supplier is across the street from where I work so it's convenient to swap tanks. At the rate I build it costs me about $30 a year but getting set up will probably cost a few hundred dollars. What's your budget? I've acquired several airbrushes over the years by various manufacturers including Iwata, Grex and an old plastic Aztec. The one I use most often is a single action Sear's
  13. There is another Bell 407 variant that I've never seen mentioned on ARC: UAE 407MRH. The helicopters are green 407GX bought from Bell and converted by Northstar Aviation at the Melborne, FL airport. It's a bit more modified than the gray 407s above, but doesn't have the defensive systems of the IA407. I'm under an NDA so can't really discuss anything that can't be found on the internet. UAE bought at least 30 and at least one was lost in combat in Yemen.
  14. You might try these Xuron Music Wire Cutters. I've had good luck with them.
  15. To throw out an opinion of someone that's primarily a lurker: this kit's a hard pass. For me it's up there with Kinetic's droopy nose F-16 as a never buy. I can't un-see the misshapen aft sides and to be specific it's the slope outboard of the vertical tails that makes the sides look pinched to me. I don't see the problem in the top view some have brought up, I think it may be a symptom of the slope issues. I only build 1/48 Korean War and newer. I have a stash of a couple hundred kits ranging from full resin and old Esci with plenty of modern plastic. There's way more than I'll p
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