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  1. hello! my firts AC related post! has anyone here got any info on the nardi fn-305 they can share, im going to be building the Special hobby kit shortly and dont really knwo where to start. i would like to detail the cockpit!
  2. Thanks Mike! i took a lot of the weathering on the PZIII form pictures, most notably, the front stain! i have been told before that the flag is a little too tatty! but i like it haha!
  3. hello! my first modelling post here and its not even aircraft!! these are my latest 2 complete builds . and im looking to dabble in AC for a bit, i have amtech p-40 in the post with a few AM goodies, and a Special hobby Nardi 305 italian trainer both 1/48 heres my Panzer III, DMl basically OOB. i accept *all comments and critisisms* its the only way i learn! ill post 1 or 2 pics of each up , i dont want to flood you all and the 1/48 KV 1 thanks for looking guys!
  4. hello! this is my first post, now! im gonna build the amtech p-40 k but am missing a few *essentials* and seeming this is my first *real* return to aircraft im hoping to make it my best yet !! if anyone can help it would be fantastic, i have a price in mind for the 2 items, but send me an offer and ill get back to you (or if your really generous .... () lol!.) okay , here we go. Ultracast flared exhausts for the AMT kit flared exhausts And A Seat, now seats come in packs of 2, if anyone had a pack of 2 that they would willingly split up i would be eternally grateful! as im*not* planning
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