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  1. Very nice one, I have one to, which i plan to build soon.
  2. Thank you, I agree, it's one of the best looking modern tanks out there.
  3. Hey guys, just finished the Tamiya type-10 tank kit. Very nice kit, built it oob with the addition of Adler's Nest metal antennas. You really have to give credit to the Japanese to design such a cool looking futuristic machine that looks straight out of a anime or manga comic. Cover by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 101 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 01 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 19 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 25 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 06 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 61 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type 10 64 by df0084, on Flickr Tamiya Type
  4. Just checking, would a ww2 luftwaffe Mistel or a X47b UCAS be eligible? the kit does come with a bomb loadout after all...
  5. Hi guys its been a while, Not much updates as the construction of the kit is gone with not much problems just filling up a few seams and sinkmarks here ad there. Untitled by df0084, on Flickr Untitled by df0084, on Flickr the join between the wing and the fuselage at the bottom of the plane needs putty work as there is a warpage issue. Untitled by df0084, on Flickr For a tricycle plane, weights are a must in the nose. Next up is what i consider the toughest part of the kit, the dreaded luftwaffe spinner! I went through 3 tries at this before I cheated and made my own masking based
  6. Hi silenoz thanks for looking, thanks for the tips on working with pe, It's my first time playing with them but the effect does look quite good! I'll be taking your tips the next time I use PE :)/> For the shinden, definitely!
  7. Hello, it's been quite a while since my last project. Unfortunately I've recently been stuck in a rut where I seem to start a new project only to see it slowly in the unfinished pile at the far end of the room... In an attempt to get back my confidence, I've decided to build something simple and fast; Trumpeter's 1/48 Me-509, a paper what-if design of the evolution of the venerable Bf-109. Compared to the conventional layout of the Bf-109 the Me 509 comes in a attractive sleek mid mounted engine design similar to the do-335 and p39 airacobra. Here is the box... Untitled by df0084, on F
  8. Excellent work. I really love the crisp finish of the build!
  9. Very nice build of that sexy Rafale!
  10. Thanks white wolf! I was there only for an enjoyable 2 weeks but I hoped I could stay longer. Theres so much to see and do it's a real mecca for us. I did manage to be there for the 2015 summer Wonder Festival though and scored some sweet Kancolle resin figures of the Yahagi and U-511. Found a nice article too, it looks like Kancolle is doing wonders for the Japanese modelling scene! http://ajw.asahi.com/article/cool_japan/style/AJ201407170009
  11. Hi ARC, I had an enjoyable holiday to Tokyo, Japan recently and I got hooked on a series called Kantai Collection over there. It’s rather niche but is picking up in popularity; (Whole floors in buildings in Akihabara are dedicated to it) it best describes as hybridizing the allure of anime with WW2 machinery, more accurately the WW2 naval ships. A perfect match for the anime and military nerd in you. More details can be seen here, but it's the usual anime styling so it may not be everyone's cup of tea... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kantai_Collection Getting back home and high as a kite
  12. Absolutely beautiful! It is hard to think of this as in 1/72 scale!
  13. Verokron 14 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 16 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 17 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 6 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 15 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 8 by df0084, on Flickr More pics and larger sizes can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/df0084/sets/72157651906530119/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/df0084/
  14. Hi here is my latest build, An earlier resin kit I bought at Wonder Festival 2010 but the second I've ever built. It's an interesting subject; a deformed cute portrayal of a monster-of-the-week from Ultraman, a Japanese sci fi action show. I tried painting living eyes for the first time in this kit and it's not too... bad. There were some tense moments, but I think it all worked out in the end. :)/>/> Title by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 7 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 2 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 4 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 5 by df0084, on Flickr Verokron 9 b
  15. Ah if you're talking about the metal gear and hinge kit, I have that one too, but this is not it. The one I'm building has its gear and hinges all in plastic and can only build up in Plane and gerwalk mode. So far, I've also built up an enemy Queadluun Rau Power armor from Bandai too here:
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