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  1. I recently heard that SBC will be playing Freddy Mercury in a serious movie about Freddy and Queen. This will truly test his meddle as and actor, and not just a goof.
  2. Probably a lot. Just because it has a pretty shape does not mean its guts are exceptionally advanced. It is pretty darn big, looks like a heavy interceptor (like the MiG-25). It is probably a 3rd rate 5th gen (F-22 is 1st, T-50 is 2nd).
  3. That is more of a Russian thing. While the Rhino is only a Hornet in its general shape and concept, it was still a F/A-18, just a new bigger more advanced variation. Look at the SU-27, every major variant gets a new designation like it is a new jet. SU-30, SU-33, SU-34, SU-35, SU-37. All the same jet, just with upgrades. Lockheed was expecting the X-35 to become the F-24, to the extent that internal documents called their jet the F-24 after winning the competition. They were more surprised as than anyone else! When I first read about the F-35, it was barely a thought, it seemed to make sense. Naming is more of a political thing these days. Also, there was no F-17, just YF-17. If the X-32 had won, it probably would have become the F-32. Im thinking it was kind of like if it was the YF-35, it would have become the F-35. The 'X-32' was a way to get experimental money, just as the F-22A was the F/A-22 for a while to keep politicians happy.
  4. Sorry, all your breweries are loaded with practice rounds. Instead of being loaded with a potent weapon, it is loaded with water.
  5. Looks good. It makes Iran look like they are actively luring Americans to sell high tech military gear. THIS JUST IN! IRAN IS ATTEMPTING TO BUY F-5B TIGER FIGHTER JET AND ADVANCED F-14 EQUIPMENT. MORE ABOUT THIS ON NEWS 5 AT 5PM.
  6. So, just explain to me what makes the LRIP jets more expensive. Is it because they are pretty much still pretty much hand building each jet, and haven't really gotten the cost benefits of mass production yet? In 10 years from now when we are looking back at the cost of the F-35, are they going to say it costs $60m or $110m each? Like the F-22, was its final fly away price really $122m each, or does that include the development costs?
  7. So what is the price? $111.6m or $60m?
  8. Yeah, you got me there. I think I was 4 or 5 when they were all still wrestling. Wrestling is now a male soap opera. Less talk (well, they do flap their lips a lot these days), and more fold up chairs.
  9. So, Pirates vs Zombies. Think the next one will be Pirates vs Ninjas? That would be awesome!
  10. When I do OOB (pretty much always), I consider scratch built items OOB. I often detail cockpits a fair bit from scratch, it is just plastic and paint.
  11. I suspect we will see a 50s-60s style replacement program, new platforms coming and going a lot faster than modern aircraft designs. I would like to see Canada buy a fleet of these for northern and coastal patrols. $10m each, you could get 15 MQ-9s for the price of a single P-8A.
  12. I upgrade mine often enough I have never had a hardware failure. I am getting some old gear back from my brother I sold to him a couple years back, Im stoked because I wanted to do some upgrades soon anyways, and I am getting a nice Armour Jr case and my water cooling system back (all for free too!). Now I just need a new mobo, cpu, ram, and eventually a video card (probably a AMD X6 1055 and 6-8GB DDR3). I just got a new LG Blu ray burner, and my 1TB HDD is still under warranty (everything of value gets backed up on BDR).
  13. I miss the Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, and Andre the Giant.
  14. Seriously. Every sledding adventure I have ever had now sucks. !
  15. You should go an camp out now! There are sure to be huge crowds. Bring plenty of everything, could be a bit of a wait.
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