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  1. Email sent on: Airfix DeHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 A11002 $30 Teknics 1/48 Down and Dirty Conversion Trumpeter F9F-2/-2P/-3 $15 Barracuda 1/48 Sea Fury 90 gallon drop tanks Trumpeter Sea Fury $3 Yellowhammer 1/48 F9F-2/-3 F9f-2 & XF9F-2/XF9F-3 YHD48040 $10 Bare Metal 1/48 Air National Guard Insignias 48-13 $3
  2. My decals arrived in great shape. Thanks for the smooth transaction. -Steve
  3. Cutting Edge Decals 48150 U-2 Dragon Lady U-2A/C/D/F - $15 Bare-Metal Decals 48-2 RF-84F/K MICH ANG - $2 PM sent -Steve
  4. No aircraft models, but I think everyone will appreciate this guy's modeling skills. << LINKY >>
  5. I have a couple more of the wingfold shots which are higher resolution than those I posted in the walk-around. Post or PM me your email addy and I'll send them to you.
  6. Besides the danger of letting the spider count your teeth, or even worse learn your name to write it in her web, is walking into the unseen web at night, feeling the sticky web on your face and wondering... where the heck is that 3" long spider?
  7. You know, most Americans don't know there's such a thing as a F.S. color chart. "From Schwarzkopf’s boots to traffic cones, the federal government’s official color palette—yes, it has one—controls much of what we see. An investigation, by GRAHAM T. BECK, into how America elects to paint itself." Americhrome
  8. I've been reading a book called "Descent into Darkness, A Navy Diver's Memoir" by Commander Edward C. Raymer USN (Ret). He was one of the divers tasked with inspecting, salvaging equipment, and raising the sunken battleships at Pearl Harbor. He states that his dive team found two and retrieved one unexploded 15" shell from where it was lodged inside a meat freezer on the Arizona. He states that type of shell at one time had been used by the old US coastal guns and was long obsolete by 1941. He states that the shells were clearly stamped with US markings and both had stabilizing fins welded t
  9. I looked through my D&S copies, but I don't have any old enough to advertise them. I'm mainly interested in the drawings of the F9F Cougars and the F2H Banshees since 1:48 models are kinda lacking and the drawings might come in handy. No clue how accurate they are, but mainly interested in the outlines and shapes.
  10. I see these 1/48th Scale Drawings coming up on eBay from time to time. Anyone have a list of what was included in the series? Anyone know if they did an F2H-2 Banshee?
  11. I guess it's me, but it just seems that a lot of sites are getting buggy and slow over the past few months. I loved FireFox in the past, but it has gotten worse and worse with every release over the past couple of years and it looks like I'm just going to have to give up on it. I've been using 4.0 over the past few weeks and it crashes ALL the time. It will even crash when I leave it online and sitting undisturbed for a length of time. This leaves me to believe that it must be conflicting with something trying to update or run while it's online. I just don't have the patience anymore to deal
  12. Very Nice! Enjoyed looking at them and thank you for posting.
  13. Well, I'm not sure how many kits I have since I can't access my stash listing any more But, seriously, I have about 450 "items" which I want to keep up with. This includes kits, aftermarket, and research material. I scan everything including all decals and arrange them by aircraft manufacturer so I can see at a glance everything I have which relates to each aircraft model. No way, is my memory good enough to keep up with all that. I'm pretty good at Excel and used to use it until I found the online database and realized how well it allowed you to keep up with your stash, visually arranged l
  14. I've been using a website database to keep up with all my stash, but it's looking like that is not going to work out long-term. The data-entry takes too much time and effort to risk loosing it, and being unable to reach it due to the site being down for extended periods for unexplained reasons is frustrating. Before I chunk down the cash for one of the commercially available model collection databases, I thought I'd ask what others are using and what they think about it.
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