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  1. I thought it was very good, not hard to build, tho the instructions arent too clear about mounting the stuff under the wings. Apart from that, I enjoyed it. Just wish I had a few more of thier kits thanks again for the kind comments
  2. brilliant work, love the starfighters
  3. built one of these recently, first time I've done one could be better here n there3 but I guess it's ok... hope you like and comments welcome...
  4. kev1n

    A Big One

    dont think I want to...Like I said, I've had it a while and I'm attached to it ..or chop engijes off either. I do have a to-do project of a 747 in for a heavy D with everything stripped out, all the frames inside etc etc and maybe one that has been stored and parted out.
  5. it did turn out nice n I do like it what scale is it??
  6. 1/144 scale revell 747-121 Built this a while ago now so its beginning to show its age I guess... I added a bit of extra to the gear legs btw...
  7. thats amazing. I love it. Just hope my USN stuff looks as good when I get round to doing them
  8. I have a slight obsession these days with helicopters....I have a USN sea king on the bench, and just got a royal navy aew as well....and more I want to do as well... "sigh"...so many to build.....
  9. lol....just posted some more 707's.... ty for the kind comment
  10. My Pan Am 707 collection - still got more to add tho'...PA had a big fleet, all versions all 1/144 scale, revell and airfix kits, one minicraft, with mods here n there.... they might not be totally accurate but they do at least represent the aircraft reasonably enough (hopefully)... where needed I shortened the fuselages, changed engines, things like that The first one...B707-121 revell kit, modified(yes I know there's a bit missing off the nearest engine - I have fixed it!!!) B707-320 as delivered with short fin, mods to the engines B707-321B Minicraft kit 1 B707-321B Minicra
  11. I didnt know Matt, never had any reason to contact him, just admired what he did, like a lot of others. Not sure what to build so any advice would help thanks
  12. gorgeous - I like the harrier and thats a good one
  13. a few more of my builds for you to look at (feel free to comment both good and bad - opinions welcome...it helps me learn:)) 1/144 airfix BAC111, with mods airfix A300 pretty much oob airfix 707 modified from the airfix kit... and yes I know I didnt change the wing tips yet...I'll get round to it
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