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  1. Has anybody actually managed to build any Zhengdefu kit? I know their MiG-25 is just a half-melted copy of the ancient Hasegawa one from the late 70s.
  2. Well done, doubly so since it's an Amodel kit! I swear, they must got out of their way to make the parts as ill-fitting as possible...
  3. I believe so, but you can contact Kotey (owner of Begemot) directly for clarification. You can just PM him on this site.
  4. If Kotey is reading this, what markings do you have planned for the kit? I imagine one of the Flankers that took part in Syria is a given!
  5. office@hobby-pro.com is Zvezda's customer support email. The replacement parts are free. It can take a few weeks for the parts to get to your place from Russia, though.
  6. https://russianplanes.net/new Back in action! (and no, not an April Fools Joke.)
  7. They initially reboxed the Condor kit, but later released their own mold. Their own version (like their MiG-29C and MiG-25PD/PDS kits) is a vastly improved version of the Condor kit, with far better details, panel lines, and fit.
  8. I should've posted this a few months ago, so I hope nobody got burned. Turns out this is a rip off. After ordering in May, Scratchaviation suddenly became silent. Two months later and many attempts at communication later,I was forced to go to PayPal for a refund. I got my money back. Beware if you order this kit.
  9. I believe Kotey said that Zvezda intends to make every Fulcrum variant, so there's still hope!
  10. That's awesome you got to pose with your Eagle! Looks like you're right, too, about Testors aluminum being a far better match than their titanium. I've got a Strike Eagle in the pipeline too, so this helps.
  11. I'm 98% certain they did, but it fell off the radar for so long most assumed they canceled it. I definitely need to get one.
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