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  1. OK, thanks anyway. I don't have any other decals for this, so I'll try to catch another GB later. Stuart
  2. I'd like to join the fun. I recently found an Academy 1/48 Seversky P-35A. The only catch is that the kit decals for the USAAC machine I'd like to do are for an aircraft based in the Philippines beginning in February 1941. Is that too late to qualify? Thanks! Stuart
  3. Nice! From the photos it looks like the pre-shading turned out well; nice and subtle, but with effect. Stuart
  4. Looks terrific--really nice finish! Stuart
  5. Looking good! This kit is high on my wanna-do list, and so I'm following with great interest. Stuart
  6. I have great admiration for the imagination and skill involved in such a project--not to mention the guts at taking knife to plastic! I'll be following this with great interest! Stuart
  7. Sweet! I'm very impressed by the lozenge; must have been a bear to paint, but the results look great! Stuart
  8. As you know, I've been thinking of doing the same scheme on mine, but I hadn't realized the point about the missing white on the upper wing roundels. Unfortunately my job doesn't involve any tools more high-tech than a pencil. Might push me into a different scheme with standard decal-sheet roundels. One thing about the roundels: I've been looking hard at all of the pictures I can find, and it's surprising how often the upper roundels (and sometimes just one of them) appear not to have white. I wonder if this might be an artifact of the lighting and of ancient photographs with poor contrast.
  9. Hi Ken! Well, it's at least nice to know that someone other than just me does things like that! Kudos to you for having the patience to set it right. How do you cut nice circular masks like that? Looking great so far; I look forward to seeing it done! Stuart
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