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  1. Thanks guys! Martin, my other favorite jet is the Tomcat, so i'll be very happy if it's gonna be similar like this kit! :)
  2. Thank you! I think the wet transfer decals very good, however this sheet was a little bit disappointing to me. Wing pylon decals were missing, and mislabelled. Begemot has a full stencil set too, next time i'd use this rather than HGW!
  3. Hello! I finished recently my favourite soviet interceptor, the Mig-31 Foxhound. The AMK kit is a real gem, i used only a few aftermarket items, Eduard Brassin wheels, Quickboost K-36DM seats, HGW wet stencils, Begemot markings and Master metal pitot. I hope you'll like it! :)
  4. Hello guys! This is my latest work, Hasegawa's Draken from OOB with Academy AIM-9 Sidewinders Hope you like it!
  5. Hello Guys! This is my latest work, a Hasegawa F-104G from OOB, i used only an Aires resin seat. Hope you like it! :)/>
  6. Hello guys! Once again a started, but unfinished model from my stash. Finally i did my homework and finished it.
  7. Thanks all of you! I've used several, different preshade colors, that's the trick only. :)
  8. Hello guys! This my latest build, a Hasegawa Phantom with many resin addons (cockpit, wheel bays, exhaust, etc.) I borrowed some parts from Academy Phantom boxing (drop tanks, Sidewinder pylons, arresting hook, AIM-7 Sparrow), and the Sidewinders from Kinetic weapons sprue. The decals from the box was very old, and stiff, but i didnt find decals with SEA camouflage to this model, so i must use these... :(/>/>/>/>
  9. Thank you guys! Yes, the decals silvering a little bit... :( HiDecal (RAAF markings) - Academy (stencils). Academy's plastic is a little bit rough, probably i should more to sand the surface.
  10. Hello guys! This is one of my abandoned, but resurrected project, repainted and with new decals.
  11. Hi! This Scooter is my latest work. The ejection seat is missing, but i'm working on that... :)/> Sadly, i forgot the nose weight, so i must fix the plane to base... :(/> Kit itself from OOB, the decals from Fightertown sheet.
  12. Thank you guys! The decals straight out of box, but they were a little bit thick and yellow-ish... :(
  13. Hello guys! This is my latest work, Hasegawa Scooter, with Quickboost Escapac seat, refueling probe, gun barrels, and Eduard MK82s. I hope you like it.. :)/>
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