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  1. Cannot open your picture... dead link?
  2. "Hmmm... seems my hand is starting to burn... I knew I shouldn't have touched that bio waste!"
  3. 'Damn... no car keys in here... where did I put them now?!'
  4. posted here back in '99, got out in '04 and now enjoying semi-retirement

  5. Are you still posted to Comox, or are you one of the lucky guys who have ventured here to retire?

  6. Tyler

    1/48 P-3/CP-140

    I've heard rumors, that on different occations, of missions being scrubbed because of a broken oven... guess the aircrew couldn't handle just BP&J for 14 hours... and just BUMBING this thread back up, any word on a 1/48 scale kit released for either the P-3 or CP-140?
  7. Tyler

    CP-140 question

    This is a bit of an 'older' post now, but I was wondering how you were making out with this build Litvyak? Did you get all the reference material you needed? I might know a guy, who knows some people, that say they 'work' at 407 currently! I would LOVE to see pictures of how you are progressing. Best of luck, Tyler
  8. I suggest applying the "KISS" Theory... Keep It Simple Stupid...
  9. Sexy work! Can't wait to see the finished product!!
  10. Good catch! There should be enough space near the edges on the finished product. It can be added / removed by the amount of matt added with a frame. I cheated a bit... I have a program that will convert near any picture into the appropriate pattern, size, and pre-set colours. For this one, I chose to use a 25-colour set... so there is a far bit of shading to help 'blend the edges' Thanks for your input! I will try to post pictures as I go... but this will take weeks!
  11. Hello All! I am looking at dabbeling a little bit into some 'creative art' [done so in cross-stitch]... I present as my first try a classic, P-38 in a bank to show its beauty. The final size will be 18"x14". The second pic is a 'grid' layout, with the final result having a 10x10 for each square. I am open to any and all criticism whether positive or negative (constructive of course!) Be specific, or open ended... Also wondering about the text - font -layout. Thanks everyone! Tyler
  12. That is crazy! I've never seen a boneyard up close like that! The closest we have to something like that here in Canada... is the hanger space that is used for practical training for the service techs!
  13. Make it into a 'Chop Shop Diorama'?
  14. Tyler

    Barracuda 1\72

    Looks pretty sexy... It is models like these that noobs like me aspire too!
  15. That is a "flight sim" photo of a CP-140 Auora... BUT it should not have the weapons pylons under the wings on a CP-140! The rest of the world flies the P-3 Orion, and us in Canada fly the CP-140! I know this is quite an older post, I was just wondering how you made out with this build Brett?
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