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  1. Have got quite a few requests so far, please keep them coming! Thanks <_<
  2. Hey Guys, I'm helping out a friend of mine with pre-orders of this coin. The artwork (Marine F4 on back) was my painting. I'm working in conjunction with this squadron (VMFA-333, Trip Trey) who is marketing this coin and helping to cover the costs of having these made. I believe currently the edition will only be 200, but if a sponsor jumps on board, the edition will be only 333. It will be a heavy brass, 2"x3" as shown, engraving on front with a silk screen of my art on the back. The art will be sealed in epoxy. The front colors will be the melted glass enamel for the squadron emblem, with
  3. Very nice! I see you did 3911, which if I remember correctly, was Lasseter and Cummings' replacement F4, after 5526 was downed.
  4. Much appreciated. It should be available for maybe a couple of years before the edition runs out, so if in the future you'd like one, let me know
  5. I'm now taking pre-orders to get a bundle together of this F4J MiG Killer historical piece. They will be signed and numbered by me, along with the optional authentic signature of Capt. John Cummings. size of prints are 22" x 28" (56cm x 71cm) and will have 2-1/2" white margins all around. Giclee prints on acid free matte (non-glare) and printed with 8 color pigmented inks and ultra high resolution. Shipped in a tube worldwide. Not framed. Details below. "Shamrock 201: Fangs Out" Original work is Oil on stretched canvas, 36"x48"... started back last June and been working on it off and on sinc
  6. Thanks Gregg. Since I'm here in St. Louis, I thought about scheduling a meeting with Boeing here (formerly McDonnell/Douglas) about this painting while I have it for a short time longer. They have a really delicious museum there, but last I heard, was closed to the general public. Now they only do special tours of the place, as I understand it.
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I should also point out that Mark (Rampage55) sent me some really nice detailed images of his model of this F4, so that really helped out quite a bit to see how the sun cast shadows across the top and things like that. And Mark, I was going to send you updates as I went, but kept it under double secret probation and wanted to wait until I got it all done :)
  8. Here's my newest painting "Shamrock 201: Fangs Out" Oil on stretched canvas, 36"x48"... started back in like June and been working on it off and on since. Has about 500 hours in it, not including research involved. The painting is going to a museum in May for a NAVY and MARINE aviation symposium and will be there for about a year and then find a permanent home at another museum. This particular squadron, VMFA-333 - Trip Trey, will be turning my painting into a commemorative coin pretty soon, so will keep updates on that as it goes. With all of the research, I stumbled across the squadron an
  9. There was one that I saw of a Vietnam scene... It was a morning or dusk sky looking out the side doors of a Huey looking at another Huey. The "viewers" Huey door opening went from one side of the canvas to the other. I want to say it was either a William S Phillips, Stokes, or a Taylor... can't remember which, but was expertly done by one of the current big name aviation artists.
  10. That looks great! Do you know if it's still there or have you seen it since? Nice work!!
  11. Yeah, you have to go back and forth with the lettering color and the outside color. It takes a lot of time waiting for it to dry, but the end result is really worth it. I should also mention that I hate lettering with a passion hahaha Once you go to a bigger canvas, you'll never look back. It's a catch-22 in a way. Bigger canvas = more detail required (much much more if it's huge), so that takes more time. On the other hand, the detail is more pronounced and a little easier to achieve. But then it goes back to requiring more. It keeps flipping back and forth. If it was easy, more people would
  12. Welcome! And that looks great! Very precise pencil detail. If you have others, post them up too, would love to see more!
  13. Very nice!! Best bet for lettering is using a long liner brush, with the oils/acrylics thinned down very liquid like in consistency. After you have a rough in of letters, use the outside color, like on the plane here, that red. Then go back and forth with the letters then the red and clean the edges. Lettering never happens on only one shot.
  14. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! I did have some others posted, but was from my flickr account, of which I recently removed those as to not leave them hanging around. I tried linking the larger photos to my site, but that didn't quite work.
  15. Hehehe Hard to tell from your avatar pic, but looks like a GSXR? Nice bikes!!
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