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  1. here's my starting point from a stripped ebay bike
  2. just a little touch I think will make a big difference ,,,, paint the tyre valves and caps black noticing it on my own bike models and something i'll be doing in future
  3. head glued on and seam has first layer of filler , rear of hair has been carved to fit head correctly , and ear ring taken from the block and gap filed to fit ear lobe !
  4. kit was under a tenner on ebay and looked a bargain for a first larger size bust kit
  5. not a full figure but this bust looks superb !!! My link
  6. acrylics on canvas 24"x18"
  7. calling this done !! a quite presentable job can be done with minimal items only additions were a piece of sandpaper and a piece of masking tape for the noseband ( not unrealistic items for a raw begginer to have around the house ) so good value at £6.99
  8. last nights progress it is suprising how much can be done with the little you get in the box !! at first it would be thaught there are not a lot of colours but planned colour mixing can take care of that , even a semmi passable flesh can be mixed from the yellow and red and gunmetal from silver and the black also for an older airfix offering fit isn't too bad either
  9. trying something difrent i baught this kit with this intention in mind i am supposing i am at the very beggining again and starting out with a starter set so appart from 1x piece of sandpaper and 1x waterbowl the only things i'm allowed are what come in the set i am allowing myself nothing else appart from tissues obviously
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