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  1. Hector

    Ki- 46 Dinah

    Hi mates! Some time ago, I saw this plane , I think in a blue colour, And now trying to look for some information , I dont see anything of this one. Can anyone help me? Or just this plane was in brown and green.I forgot its the recco one. Thanks in advance. Héctor
  2. Great job you are doing. Cheers. Héctor
  3. Nice planes you ve done. Cheers. Héctor
  4. Looks nice, the building looks correct, but those outdoor pics dont like to me , cant see the plane details and paint job. How do you spend that summer Jamie? Un abarzo. Héctor
  5. Really nice I love the engine detail, and paint job. Cheers. Héctor
  6. Nice cockpit, and nice wethering you made in it. Regards. Héctor
  7. Nice paint job you ve done. Cheers. Héctor
  8. Amazing I have no words Cheers. Héctor
  9. I love thos plane , I follow your wip.You are doing a great job on it. Cheers. Héctor
  10. Very nice paint jog you have done. Cheers. Héctor
  11. Nice model , your friend have done. Cheers Héctor
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