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  1. I see red ( with some just the inner part of the wheel well cover ) ?gray The kitty hawk kit illustration shows all red which one is correct i am building the C&H aero conversion thanks
  2. Legend 4044 1/48 F-22 cockpit for academy kit $19 eduard 48510 PE exterior revell mig 25 new $17 eduard 48509 PE exhaust revell mig 25 new $15 wolfpack F-18 ATARS conversion for hasegawa kit $30 isracast 48037 IAF Safa conversion for super mystere $35 wolfpack 1/48 S3 OIF update $45 steel beach 1/48 A-6 intruder covers $8 steel beach sb168 1/48 F-14 nose correction revell-mongram $9 steel beach 1/48 sb101 update set revell-mongram F-14 $9 true detail 1/48 SR-71 cockpit set $16 koster aero 1/48 B-17C/D conversion $49 MAW 48-R004 late nose update with
  3. I agree Charlie with regards to Sprue i think most retailers like Walmart and Amazon are not giving good deals this year
  4. One misses squadron’s Black Friday sale
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