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  1. Do you guys think pledge floor polish original is better sealer and won’t lift the paint when masked given enough time to dry say 2 days?
  2. I also tried using post it notes but still leave marks on the silver NMF alsi tried clear coating with tamiya gloss with mr color leveling thinner And left to dry for 2 days or more but still leaves a mark on the NMF
  3. I masked a kit that I painted mr hobby metallic silver using tamiya paper masking tape. I masked off some areas so I can paint duraluminum on some panels. When I removed the tape, there were some areas that were not the same as the original area I painted with silver paint. I already made sure that the tape is not that tacky by placing it on a surface and pulling it out. Did this several times before placing the masking tapes on the model kit thanks
  4. Seen those clear sprays and putty here in Houston hobby lobby
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