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  1. Never seen that load out, but the 35th FS old go to war config was 2 slant loaded CBU-87 (TER-9A)and AGM-65. BTW CBU-103 is a CBU-87 with WCMD tail pack(GPS). Also WCMD can't be loaded on Ter's. Those configs were from the old Block 30 days...So really that should be a good looking loadout. Good luck with your build
  2. Sorry you got stuck on Vipers... Eagles are much easier to load (19 years Weapons)
  3. My link Check this out if you want a Macross Factory! >$100
  4. PM Sent 1/144-------------------- DRAGON B-1B Lancer ACC $14
  5. That puts a big smile on my face, well done!
  6. Do you still have this one? Two-Bobs 48-154 Cold Face Killas #3
  7. Yes, GBU-38,GBU-54,CBU-103,4,5,8, and AGM-154
  8. DAn You still have the following for sale? cutting edge 1/48 MH-53J cockpit $40 cutting edge 1/48 MH-53J weapons $40 High Flight MH-53J conversion $29 ThanKs Jeramy?
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