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  1. Hello wondering if you able to help me source where you purchased your Aliitaliane Harrier conversion kit. Would you have an website, email or address?



  2. Get the GR4 boxing, the pylons are different on the IDS and you will also get the larger underwing tanks in the GR4 kit.
  3. Talking of matching paint, try and look at gunship gray. Photo's of this colour vary greatly and it can appear very dark or quite light!! Shaun.
  4. Cheers,Both wheel types were use. What are the best aftermarket wheels in 1/48th? I was hoping the airbrake would drop a little, will make fitting it easier. Shaun.
  5. Quick question to the A-7 Corsair fans. What style of front tyre was used on the USN A-7E, was it smooth around the edge of the tread pattern or did it have the segmented noches? Also what was the normal position of the airbrake on a parked A-7? Shaun.
  6. Thanks for the link, will have a look. Do you know if the 494th have aircraft in the operation?
  7. Can any confirm if the current F-15E load out for the Iraq ISIS operation is 5x BRU-61 with SDB's? I'm sure I read somewhere this is currently being loaded.
  8. Thanks folks, thats the info I was looking for. Shaun.
  9. Just checking if the model joint line is a joint/panel on the real thing. The Revell F-15E kit also joins along this line but there hard to see on the real jets. Ok, i think I'll rescribe after cleaning up the join. Shaun.
  10. A quick question for the F-15 experts. Are the seams filled on the real aircraft along the joint between the nose and rear fuselage on the 1/48th Hasegawa F-15 kit? In photos the panel lines appear to very faint on the real jet. Shaun.
  11. Painting has now started in earnest, white areas done and time to mask up for the main colors. Shaun
  12. Amazing paint job, love the weathering!
  13. That deck looks spot on,nice weathered finish.
  14. The Hasegawa kit comes with the flaps set to half, on the real Hornet they normally droop to full with the power off. I bent the flap hinges to lower the angle of the flaps, it can be done but take your time. The Revel kit does not have dropped flaps so would require a lot of work and cutting to lower them. Shaun.
  15. I would not recommend the Humbrol primer, I won't be using it again! Get Mr Surfacer if you can, I've used it on other models with nice results. Shaun.
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