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  1. dpwatson

    Uh oh, Star Wars again! FM 72nd X-Wing

    Lovely X-wing!!! Lovely weathering! David
  2. dpwatson

    1/48 "Revcademiya" F-15E OIF 2003

    Very nice work!! As you know I am a fan of your work. And this is turning out like a winner! David
  3. dpwatson

    F-15C Build (4/3/11 Update) Finished

    Wow very nice work indeed!! Would you consider doing them for 1/32 as well? David
  4. dpwatson

    F4U-1 Corsair

    Very nice job! Lovely finish. Good build! David
  5. dpwatson

    Airfix Canberra PR-9 for

    Nice job man. Love the paint job. Great finish! David
  6. dpwatson

    North American P 51-B - Finished!!!

    Very nice job!!! Great paint finish. Love the base. How did you do that? David
  7. dpwatson

    Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire

    Wow that is one hell of a paint job! Stunning work. That engine is going to look great. I can tell already! David
  8. dpwatson

    F-16I Sufa

    Wow nice paint job. Great job. Looks awesome! David
  9. dpwatson

    1/48th Spangdalem A-10 Warthog

    Very nice work indeed! Comming along nicely. This is going to look good!! David
  10. dpwatson

    CH-53e of HMH-772

    Lovely work. I love the super staillions!! Nice job. Next a 1/35 one? David
  11. dpwatson

    Huey Helicopter

    Simply amazing modelling skills. Lovely work. It looks soo good! David
  12. dpwatson

    not long completed Revell 1:48 F-15E

    Any pictures of the whole model? David
  13. dpwatson


    Stunning paint job!! Lovely job. Looking forward to seeing this one done. David
  14. dpwatson

    1:48 F-15DJ Hasegawa

    Very nice work so far. Looks great! Nice job on the pre-shading! David
  15. dpwatson

    Spitfire Mk.Vb

    Wow very nice job!! That looks stunning! David