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  1. Fantastic work and a cool choice of camouflage! I've had a great time with the SMT version and the MF and bis boxings have since joined the stash.
  2. Fantastic finish! How are the decals in terms of quality? I'm looking to build one myself.
  3. Not good news to hear. We're all too familiar with earthquakes here in Canterbury too, you can't really get used to them. Thoughts with all of those affected.
  4. I was referring to the need for corrected intakes in the 32nd scale kit. I haven't looked for any others. You're quite right that it may not be as much of an issue with the smaller, newer kit.
  5. Straight from the source: http://www.trumpeter-china.com/a/en/news/20120412/2107.html Probably a scale down of the 32nd errors, but certainly better than ESCI/Italeri offering
  6. The Italeri F-22 was the first aircraft model I ever made (albeit in 1/72 scale). For the gap in the upper fuselage, I would suggest gluing some stretched sprue along it and then sand it flush with the surface. This has the advantage of being less messy than filler or putty and won't shrink as it dries. Looking good so far, it must take up a bit of space in 48th!! :)
  7. Absolutely fantastic! I look forward to starting my SMTs soon!
  8. More like dividing by 1, doesn't change anything!! :lol:
  9. Very nice, I can't wait to start mine now!
  10. Great result! It looks like a very nice little kit.
  11. Fantastic looking model! Great selection of markings.
  12. Osprey's MiG-21 units of the Vietnam War has 1/72 port side-view scale drawings for the MiG-21U, US and UM. I can PM you a scan of the page if you like, but I can't help with starboard elevation or plan views.
  13. Great choice of markings! I look forward to seeing how the AZ kit builds up.
  14. Can't tell if thread will get political... or criticise bad performers of past and present.
  15. Very nice model and a great choice of markings! What were the Berna decals like to apply?
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