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  1. Great job, Hotdog. I was wondering how much have you paid for the shuttle? Thanks.
  2. We love Hotdog! HOTDOG, HOTDOG, HOTDOG...
  3. Hi, there! Can you post a link where this foil technique is explained? Thanks in advance. Waiting for the pictures too.
  4. Thanks a lot anj4de! Looks good... Very good.
  5. Thanks a lot Pumpkin! P.S. Happy 100th post! :o
  6. Actually, there are 3 CMK detail sets for Tamiya F-16CJ. 5006 - F-16CJ Interior 5007 - F-16CJ Armament 5008 - F-16CJ Undercarriage In these links there are 2 *.pdf pages for each set! No *.pdf for 5007 - F-16CJ Armament and no pictures at all, sorry! That's all I could find. BTW you can buy them from Hannants and there is a low-resolution picture of the undercarriage. Thank you for pointing my view to CMK, Martin! I am waiting for a long time for undercarriage and cockpit with photo-etched pats for Tamiya F-16CJ. Now I guess we should wait for reviews to see if they worth the money. Thank
  7. Well, models with small nozzle 0.2mm, as far as I see have no seal for paint cup. This looks a little bit disturbing for me. I fear to buy other brands than HANSA and PAASCHE, because if something goes wrong with them I'll have to wait for months to get a spare part. Don't know what to do and what to buy! :(
  8. Witch Hansa model, Ricardo? As far as I see the models with smaller nozzle - 0.2mm, always has small cup - 2ml and no seal for it. Please advise!
  9. O.K. Mike! Let's say that I choose Paasche. Witch one of all? Thera are so many...
  10. I guess that question is discussed for a million times! I need an airbrush witch can do anything I imagine in plane modeling. Money are not so important as I intend to buy it once (actually twice, already have one) :lol: . Here in my country I can buy two brands - Paasche and Hansa. As far as I see Paasche has richer production line than Hansa, but that doesn't mean anything! So models in store are Paasche - VSR 90#1; VLS-SET; VJR#1 and Hansa 581. I guess that full line of both is orderable so if there is anything better just say. Thanks in advance. :D Regards, Penko Halachev
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