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  1. Subject says it all. What color should I paint them and the gear for a Chinese example? I found a 1/48 kit by a maker called AA that I am starting. Pretty simple kit, but trying to get it correctish. Also, I am thinking the cockpit looks to be that light bluish color. Any corrections appreciated. Thanks. 🙂🙂
  2. Interesting the extent people will go to steal, isn't it.
  3. I just got notified today as well for the replacement nose/tail parts. Don't remember when I ordered, but I think pretty early too
  4. This link also has a picture or two of the actual aircraft. Aviationist article on crash
  5. I thought I was getting a couple great deals too from Mainland China. But of all the 'delivery' issues that I have ever had with eBay items, 95%+ have been from there. Usually mis-delivered, eBay looks into it, sees they did not use their standard process for creating label, so immediate finding on my behalf. I get my money back, but no item. I wonder who actually loses money wise here???
  6. Just received my 2 kits ordered from John. Thanks much! well packed and quickly shipped.
  7. Thank @Paul Boyer I appreciate the info. 🙂
  8. Hello all, Curious if anyone has built this kit, and if they had to put nose weight (and how much)? I am thinking probably, since it since high on that nose wheel. But the directions have no weight call out to let you know. Thanks.
  9. Just thought of another 2 that I think would be great to be re-kitted in a modern form... either 72 or 48 scale: CF-100 Canuck CF-105 Arrow And I am not even Canadian 🙂
  10. Just saw this hi-res video of a B-2 dropping 2 MOPs one after the other. Thought many of you might like to see it. Dropping 2 30k bombs in one session, OUCH!! B-2 MOP Drop video
  11. Thanks for this post. It is coming along nicely. I have always loved the Viggen as well. I actually just ordered this kit from a shop in Sweden. Was excited to have a new 72 scale one available.
  12. Ironic to see your post @Alpagueur. Someone posted old pictures ( I think they were) on a Facebook group about a 1/32 Jag. But no release date or other updates.
  13. Beautiful! You have the toggle catches ( not sure of the 'technical name' ) for the open panels. Mind blown...
  14. No, I have not seen this or even recognize this company. Edit: I just found a review of this kit on Scalemates.com. In essence, if the Google translate worked correctly, this is a refresh of the old Heller kit with some new parts introduced (mostly small items it appears) by this Ukrainian company. So, not completely new mold, but updated. Hope this helps. I do both 72 and 48 scale. Thanks for the information.
  15. A friend of mine owns a store here in Michigan. He said the Gundam kits are what are keeping them in the Black.
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