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  1. Subject says it all. What color should I paint them and the gear for a Chinese example? I found a 1/48 kit by a maker called AA that I am starting. Pretty simple kit, but trying to get it correctish. Also, I am thinking the cockpit looks to be that light bluish color. Any corrections appreciated. Thanks. 🙂🙂
  2. Interesting the extent people will go to steal, isn't it.
  3. I just got notified today as well for the replacement nose/tail parts. Don't remember when I ordered, but I think pretty early too
  4. This link also has a picture or two of the actual aircraft. Aviationist article on crash
  5. I thought I was getting a couple great deals too from Mainland China. But of all the 'delivery' issues that I have ever had with eBay items, 95%+ have been from there. Usually mis-delivered, eBay looks into it, sees they did not use their standard process for creating label, so immediate finding on my behalf. I get my money back, but no item. I wonder who actually loses money wise here???
  6. Just received my 2 kits ordered from John. Thanks much! well packed and quickly shipped.
  7. Thank @Paul Boyer I appreciate the info. 🙂
  8. Hello all, Curious if anyone has built this kit, and if they had to put nose weight (and how much)? I am thinking probably, since it since high on that nose wheel. But the directions have no weight call out to let you know. Thanks.
  9. Just thought of another 2 that I think would be great to be re-kitted in a modern form... either 72 or 48 scale: CF-100 Canuck CF-105 Arrow And I am not even Canadian 🙂
  10. Just saw this hi-res video of a B-2 dropping 2 MOPs one after the other. Thought many of you might like to see it. Dropping 2 30k bombs in one session, OUCH!! B-2 MOP Drop video
  11. Thanks for this post. It is coming along nicely. I have always loved the Viggen as well. I actually just ordered this kit from a shop in Sweden. Was excited to have a new 72 scale one available.
  12. Ironic to see your post @Alpagueur. Someone posted old pictures ( I think they were) on a Facebook group about a 1/32 Jag. But no release date or other updates.
  13. Beautiful! You have the toggle catches ( not sure of the 'technical name' ) for the open panels. Mind blown...
  14. No, I have not seen this or even recognize this company. Edit: I just found a review of this kit on Scalemates.com. In essence, if the Google translate worked correctly, this is a refresh of the old Heller kit with some new parts introduced (mostly small items it appears) by this Ukrainian company. So, not completely new mold, but updated. Hope this helps. I do both 72 and 48 scale. Thanks for the information.
  15. A friend of mine owns a store here in Michigan. He said the Gundam kits are what are keeping them in the Black.
  16. Been thinking about this quite a bit... A new tool Mirage IV. I think that would be it.
  17. Great catch there @Darren Roberts!!
  18. That new paint is making me want to build one more, since the mastking level just dropped significantly!
  19. @Ben Brown I am looking at 1/72 right now. I saw that there is a nozzle set for the 100D, but with my question above, I was not sure if it used a different engine/nozzle. Now I know that what I was seeing was the 102 nozzle. Great story about the maintainers BTW!
  20. @airmechajaThank you. That was very helpful. Now I know if I want to add a resin exhaust set to a C, D, or F, I pretty much can, unless it is an ANG bird. Thanks again.
  21. Hello all, I was looking at pictures of F-100D's and F-100Fs. And in my Google searching and also browsing images, it looks like the F had a couple of different engine nozzles. But I do not see in any of the pages I have found so far that show the F had that described what the variation was. One has a 'bumpy' look to it and the other is the standard feather type nozzle. Does anyone know what those different engine exhausts are? Thank you. Link from Nasa History site of the 'bumpy' nozzle: https://history.nasa.gov/SP-468/p303.jpg Link to photo from H
  22. @Dave Williams, I see that. Thanks for that heads up. I also re-checked some Google images of Canadian ones and it looks like they retained the C2 seats. @Winnie The paint store. That is funny!
  23. @Winnie Thanks. I spent some time looking at stuff online about the Norwegian 104s after seeing your post. They still have quite a few on display around the country. Pretty cool. Plus that D that was just made airworthy too! What is that color green on them, do you know?
  24. @phantom and @Dave Williams, thank you for the help and your responses. So, to do a Northern neighbor, OOB. That sounds nice. And great to know what I would need to do one from over the pond. Thank you again, John
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