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  1. Hello thought I would introduce myself, retired CF member but still working for DND. I see you do alot of CF models. I might pick your brain on a project I have been inspired to start. I work at the Ammunition Depot that supports the Pacific fleet when the Seaking was mothballed they dropped one off in the training area. I spent hours climing on it taking photos. I have the decals and an upgrade set for the radar hub on the tail.










  2. Here is one with no restraints thru the head rest and the color scheme you are doing....and the opposite example...
  3. Most of the pics I have seen show the seat with the restraints thru the headrest, I would hazard (with no official backup) that the other type of seat would have been prior unification (1967). But I guess it is possible that some have linguered longer. Even my model above does not have the right seat, I was too lazy/not talented enough to modify the resin seat I used....
  4. $50 Cdn for a Canmilair 1-32, and no stencils to speak of.
  5. I would think it is definitely a niche market, and we should be thankful that Leading Edge and Canuck spoiled us over the years. Canuck is still around, but has other priorities right now, related to putting bread on the table... I am glad Caracal did the Hawk special scheme last year, Canuck was supposed to do it, but like I said above... I appreciate Caracal's willingness to come forward for us, so lets send him those references...
  6. How about the Hobby Boss T Mk100/102 will that do for an RCAF machine ? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/401098108375?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  7. Great to see Vermont Air Guard model ! Going to their airshow next week ! Here is the real thing below !
  8. yvesff

    Vermont ANG P-51H

    I can find an email adress for you... will send in private
  9. yvesff

    Vermont ANG P-51H

    You should really get in touch with Philipe Collin, he is a great photogrpaher and the "squadron historian" Here is is Flickr Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mephisto3/ and his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Mephisto53?fref=ts
  10. Very nice. I am planning the exact same build and color scheme ! Those PT6s can really dirty up a nice looking aircraft...
  11. Andrew, Where did you buy the Wolfpak decals, I tried Lucky and Sprue Bros. and they did not stock them. If I could easily get a replacement I would change it. This aircraft means something to you, it deserves your best efffort ! I grew up, and still live, just 25 miles north of the border close to Burlington, by the time I went to airshows, the F-102s were long gone... They have an airshow this year over Lake Champlain, hope we get a sneak peak at their future resident, F-35 !
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