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  1. That is something else!! Excellent job, erlawerke!
  2. You got some weathering skills there, Kajustas! Excellent job!
  3. Wow, very beautiful build, Mr. Happy! Very nicely done! 👌
  4. Hi Cklasse, thanks! That must be cool working for PW : ) The original resin set (pics I posted at the beginning of the thread) are available from AV O. You can send him a PM and he'll sort you out. It's a really great set. As for the printed slats I'll keep experimenting on what the best printing orientation is to prevent resin pooling at the bottom. I'm still having issues with the curved lip at the bottom. It's like resin pools up in that area and hardens and I have to sand/shape the curvature. So it defeats the purpose of 3D-printing the slats : ) I'm planning to send my work to
  5. Thanks for the update. Glad you're ok and recovering well. You can avoid a relapse by not backreading : )
  6. Awesome job, Malcolm! Beautiful display!
  7. That is stupendously awesome : ) Had I done the same I'd be in a straightjacket before I finish : )
  8. We lived near the airport and a little distance from an airbase when I was little and watched low-flying planes yearningly for as long as I could remember and always dreamed of zapping one with a shrinking ray : ) I ended up studying to be an aircraft mechanic and did some on-the-job trainings which I loved every minute of until I discovered my color blindness and had to change career paths. I truly envy all of you who ended up working in the aviation field. It's really true that when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work anymore. On the other hand when you're in a career you
  9. YF65_CH-53, did you really use aerosol cans that weren't the same FS numbers as the original gray for the touch-ups?
  10. Remarkable job on the seats, Elmo! The belts look incredible. How did you paint the fine stripes on the ejection handles?
  11. Could it be he just hasn't come across this thread? If you remember that thread about the size of posted photos becoming smaller -- we had to alert him so he could see the thread. Let me do that now -- here goes nothing -- Hi Steve@SBARC, we hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, from your brood of concerned ARC members : )
  12. Shocked to read this. Those prices sure are nothing to sneeze at. I do hope Steve is ok and that we're not kissing the site goodbye. But if that's where this is leading to I just want to say it was great knowing you guys. We can make the most of the time that's left.
  13. Happy Easter, guys! Thanks, Manfred : ) Hi Pete, December will be a nice doable target : ) Regarding the 1/18 engine I made a mess of it trying to paint it. I handbrushed the Stynylrez primer out of laziness and the paintjob was awful. I read Stynylrez, even though it's thick, will level itself off. Nope, it created ugly webbing between the bolts. I waited for it to thin down but it stayed that way until it dried. I'll try printing one in 1/32 for now. It'll be fun to compare the engine parts in different scales and hopefully Mr. Elegoo will give me some needed help to reach the new targ
  14. Some parts are really thin because I modelled them in actual sheet metal size which just wouldn't work for the printer when scaled down so I started hollowing out and thickening parts to printer-friendly dimensions. This is in 1/32 -- hopefully easier to print than the oversized 1/18. I've also started deleting parts that won't really be seen.
  15. Hi GeneK, that's a swell idea about the cleaning, thanks. John, those are beautiful. I'm torn between devoting more time on 3D modeling vs trying to make progress on my kits. Your work is just so inspiring.
  16. Wow, an alternative to Future, thanks for sharing! My bottle of Future has turned yellow but amazingly still looks clear when used on canopies. But still, it's great to know we've got other options. They say Gauzy is not as effective for canopies, although I've never tried it on any of my canopies. I've used it on fuselages using a brush, though, and I get more bubbles compared to Future so I have to work slower. If Looks Like Glass is acrylic-based like Future it should clean up easily with Windex. Whenever I'm not happy with how a clearcoat turns out -- like if it's marred by dust
  17. That's some fine work, lud13! I have the same kit in my stash, hope to get to it someday : )
  18. So that's what a wild weasel looks like : ) Always in awe with your work, Geoff! And the way you're cranking out one build after another I can only dream of doing.
  19. That's some incredible weathering work, Tomas. Did you use blackbasing to achieve that effect on the camo? Or oils? And how about the exhaust manifold weathering -- what techniques did you use on that -- it looks incredible. Sorry for all the questions.. weathering is still hit and miss for me so I'm trying to learn from all you guys.
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