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  1. Hi guys! Finished CafeReo's F-8E Crusader (converted to a F-8C with parts from Platz's F-8K). The Scooter is from Platz and the Spad is from F-toys which were completed earlier. Thank you for looking. Cheers! Just the planes
  2. Thank you for the kind words guys. Yes, they are CafeReo's Hornets. I prefer its shape vs Revell's. The decals are custom printed, not very good but turns out ok.
  3. A comparison sprue shot between Revell mudhen and Takara Tomy's which I received recently. Takara Tomy is more detailed. Not sure if it is worth the price though... Cockpit is one area Revell is better! No amraam. Takara Tomy has a whole series of weapon set for F-15s & F-4s <-like Hasegawa :(/>
  4. Ahem, Takara Tomy's 1/144 mudhen? All nicely pre-painted & decaled. Got intake covers too. Will cost you 4x more than Revell's though...
  5. Just finished a pair of VFA-86 bugs. Stuck a lot of Prieser figures around one... Thank you for looking, cheers!
  6. Hello Sernak, I not aware of any detail set for 1/144 F-5E except for this: http://www.ka-models.com/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=1/144&category_id=0&product_id=496 boarding ladders for F-5s & F-15s can also be bought from here: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ET-44030
  7. Hello Salvine, I have used the hi-viz samurai and still got 2 sets of the low-viz samurai. If you want one, PM me your address and I'll send it over. Oh, the low-viz also came with non red eye version (I think it's a correction of a mistake). Cheers
  8. Completed Cafereo's F-2A Used 3 sets of MYK's decals (caution data, special TAC scheme and camou pattern!) Also used Zactoman's ejection seat (from his F-15E resin upgrade set) Just the model: Thank you for looking. Cheers!
  9. Very nice build! Looks bigger than 144.
  10. Thank you for the kind words guys. The runway was printed on an A3 sheet. I went to Google Map and took a snapshot of an airport runway (my case Heathrow). I then filtered it with motion blur in Photoshop. Astra decals is excellent, very comprehensive - covers just about every squadron in GAF. The film is very thin and went on nicely without any silvering. Definately recommended.
  11. Just completed an excellent Revell's tiny Starfighter. Basically OOB, I dropped the flaps & opened the airbrakes. I also used decals from Astra's - very finely printed set of decals. Thank you for looking. Cheers!
  12. OK, the models themselves: It's a prepainted kit - just add glue. (boarding ladder is scratch built) Level of detail is impressive. Starscream version Oh, one Chevy Camaro added as bonus
  13. Unfortunately I don't have a pair of giant transforming robot models to finish the story... :P
  14. Darth

    1/144 F-2B?

    Hello Salvine, MYK decals are meant to be used on F-2A/B produced by cafereo: http://www.algernonproduct.co.jp/old/jwing5.htm which IMHO is the best F-2 in 1/144 scale They are difficult to find on the market now. However they have annouced a reissue in April: http://www.algernonproduct.co.jp/pro_mas_as.htm Alternatively, the decals can be used on the Doyusha's: http://www.doyusha-model.com/list/figure/genyouki_collection/20_f2b_t4.html Almost as detailed but lacking in assesories (fuel tanks, ASM, AAM) and still can be found on ebay. Both kits are pre painted & partially assemble
  15. Hi, Just got this from the slow boat from Japan. Lots of detail! Came pre-painted but need glue to assemble. You can build it with landing gears up/down, weapon bays open/close, flaps up/down, canopy open/close and horizontal stabilisers are moveable. 6 x Amraam, 2 x Aim-9x and one bumblebee! Also included a pair of very detailed pilots with JHMCS helmet! Transformer 2's version...
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