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  1. Just thought I'd update you on my missing stuff and messed up molds from Contrails. They resent me everything to fix this, plus some other stuff to make up for it. These pieces all look much better and will be much easier to use. Pictures will be up soon, once I get some time this weekend. Paul
  2. To each his own, Dave haha. No offense taken. I just got lucky and I love my job. I'm definitely very grateful of the pictures. If I drove up to Boeing Field I could get some far away shots, or walk up next to the birds up there, but then I can't take pictures of any of it. I've derailed this long enough. Good luck on the modeling! Paul
  3. Thanks for the info Dave! I may end up having to buy those once the model is finished. Sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was being needy regarding those, haha. I reread what I wrote and realized it could have been worded a little better. I just started doing 1/144 scale, and I just moved to Washington to be around the 737 a lot, so my first two 1/144 models of course had to be the 737 and P-8A. (Sorry, can't take pics while on the job!) Paul
  4. Dave, Your pictures are awesome and have helped a ton so far on my current in-progress conversion. As stated before, the bay is devoid of any detail, so for me it was best left out. I don't know if I got a bad batch, but my conversion set is missing the tail tip, and most of the antennae look to not have been poured (not sure if that's how resin works) correctly. It's a good start though for a conversion, as the raked wingtips and tail provide some much needed detail work that is a little harder to scratch. The lumps and bumps should all be sanded to the correct shape, but that doesn't take much. For the price it is not bad, but I think I just got a bad batch. The Harpoons (I'm assuming that's what was supposed to be modeled) are missing rear fins, so if some from another 1/144th kit can be scrounged that would probably help. I'll post up pictures eventually, but I've only just started mine. Paul
  5. jetmanf14

    B-24 Radar Ant.

    I'm sorry I'm getting to this so late, I haven't even thought to check on here until a search on google pulled it up. Thank you so much for the cutaway and the information! Surprisingly, the model is not finished, but once all of this information is gathered, I hope to get it done soon. I talked to my family and one of the places he was stationed before going overseas was Langley. Coincidence? I would love any information on this, it is very fascinating. I'm currently not at home, as it is my senior year in college and modelling has taken a slight backseat to homework and work, but just to get the information is very helpful. Thanks again!
  6. I was wondering the same thing, I have to decide if I drive back to Columbia early, or go to this show. The weather seems like it is going to be great, so that's not in the way, but other than that not so sure. Good luck to those who go, the whole bus thing never seems to work out very well there. Paul
  7. Those pictures suck Dave. How 'bout we see the high quality ones I shot. Is that an F-18?? Can't tell because it's so high quality. F-15's or dirt on the lense? Finally one that turned out ok. I'll stick to my day job. Nice pics though. Not mine I mean. Paul
  8. The sound seemed off because I was waiting to hear formation, and then they cut to something else. Cool planes, but it seemed like no one really cared too much for them. Oh and go AL!! Paul
  9. The only picture I managed to get due to the fact I forgot the camera. The pictures came out awesome by the way Dave, if only I didn't have to ride with you the entire way it would have been a great day. Edit: The show was verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry small, but the lack of people (and traffic) was so much better than the normal airshows. The flybys were great, I was expecting one or maybe two passes, but they managed a lot more than that.
  10. Glad to hear the pilot's safe. It's not on any of the national news sites, but on one of my local news websites they say it could be from Terra Haute, and I was like uh, since when did Terra Haute get F-15's? I wonder why there's not a lot of coverage on this? Edit: here's the link. F-15 Fighter Jet Crashes in Indiana
  11. Cool, thanks! I'll just base the size off of an AIM-9. Paul
  12. Good info on that. I don't want to hijack the thread, but I was just wondering if there are different sizes of ACMI pods? I believe I've seen two different sizes in different kits and weapons sets. Paul
  13. Awesome pics, and for some reason I like that Mig shot. I know the lighting was terrible, but it looks cool. Paul
  14. Lol, ^sounds about right. That reminds me of that SNL skit with Will Ferrel doing Yoga and after three years he can, well you know. The thing that gets me the most about this is the fact that he can go do all of those other things (wow, after posting this I forgot to specify which guyn, now I'm talking about the Brit ex-pilot) but he's worried about his golf game the most. He's no pro so I think he should probably go back to doing what he did best which Rusty mentioned before. Paul
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