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  1. i think that is the best way to do a accurate model.
  2. Hi all: we have a new Mirage 2000 3D finish. Single seat
  3. hi, nice picture. more please . we planning to change our kit to 1/32 scale!
  4. This is no longer a dream!
  5. Hi all: we are just finish two helicopter.
  6. Hi all, just finish a F-35A .. Thanks more
  7. hi all: thanks more for the discuss. and i think my Mig-25 seems not too bad. anyway i will try to change the mistake. as you know the after Mig-25P fly to Japan, the PD/PDS being a secret, and hardly to find picture. let us going into the next item. a Seasprite. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943343-a-new-heli-from-kittyhawk/ Best regards and have a nice day. Song from China
  8. yes, in my thought, the Jas39 will be the best welcome than that i have make. it so welcome in the European, and still not a "proper" 48 scale Gripen in the market, the old kit have to improve by many after-market stuff. and the fuselage shape not correct as they have not enough infos when they made this aircraft.
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