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  1. Didn't make the completion date due to work related stuff. I'll keep slogging along on her and post in the helicopter forum!
  2. Scratched a door. Now the scary part. Opening up the molded on one.....
  3. Moving on with the flight deck, and front bulkhead and crew ladders. I found that medical tape has a pretty good diamond pattern which I am using as the sound deadening. I'm trying to convince myself to open the cargo door, which means I'll have to scratch a cargo door.
  4. Cut away flight deck. Now to build a set of seats.
  5. Starting with the flight deck and cargo compartment. The H-19 flight deck was accessible through the cargo compartment. The kit gives a solid flight deck floor, while it should have an open section under the seats allowing the flight crew to climb in from below. The reality is, there is no cargo compartment in the Revell kit, so, I have made a firewall, which will be detailed with ladders and the sound deadening material which covered the inside of these helicopters. Also made from plastic card is a cargo deck and rear bulk head. Following a lead from Swanny's Models, I cut away 11 mm of the f
  6. Starting this project, a little late, but I hope to finish in time. The plan is to take a venerable H-19 molded in the 60's, and make it look a little less toy like! She will be wearing the colors of a Spanish Navy S-55. There are several lumps of unrecognizable plastic on them trees. Opening shot...
  7. I'm calling this done. Monogram F-80 Shooting Star
  8. Moving along. Interior together, painted and just slightly weathered. I used the kit belts, and applied them to foil to give a little depth. Now things are falling together, like most AM kits do.
  9. 1/48 Revell H-19. Box art is, well a Zip Loc bag, as that is how she came off of Ebay... Markings will be Spanish Navy. Detail parts for this kit are pretty much non existent, so I will scratch the flight deck, and maybe do some work in the crew compartment, depending on time and motivation.
  10. Can't let a Russian build go by without jumping in. I have a AM Yak 1b that I will put together. Should be a straight forward build, as AM kits kind of built themselves. Markings will be in winter cammo with bright red stars.... Pre-requisite before picture.
  11. This plane has lots of random markings.
  12. I opted to assemble the back half, and then spread the front half to match. Mated pretty well, after a bit of sanding. There is still a minimal step, but not to bad. Finish turned out better than I expected. Was my first "bare metal finish". The gloss black seemed to help.
  13. Painting complete, starting to decal and put on the (very few) fidly bits.
  14. Top coat of MM Buffing aluminum metalizer, which didn't buff out as well as hoped. I plan to shoot a few panels with Tamiya flat aluminum to break it up a but.
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